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The rest were charged only with slight offenses. The harshness of punishment in such cases appears to be disproportional to the crime. Indeed, Macallair states that the system was originally integrated to target the “worst from the worst. ” This does not appear to be the case the truth is.

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A further issue specific to Florida entails the disproportionate representation of race in cases transferred to the adult court system. Relating to Macallair’s report, African-American youths will be 2 . 3 times more likely than their white counterparts to be transferred to the adult court system.

A consequence of the extraordinary manner of treatment and ethnicity representation, may be the prison program and its influence on juvenile offenders. According to several reports, which include those of Macallair (2000), Schiraldi, and Griffin, the danger that young people confront in adult prisons is far more extreme than that faced by normal adults. The vulnerability of your young person often makes her or him the patient of assault in mature prisons. The result of this consequently is, ironically, not rehabilitation, but an increased tendency toward violence and additional crime. Certainly, this affects not only all those actually found guilty, but also the youth adults awaiting trial for offences from which they could be exonerated.

The latest system is in a way that many different kinds of crimes and youths happen to be tried and convicted throughout the same system. More youth adults are transferred to adult court docket systems than should be, and authorities in whose proper care these youths are placed are certainly not sufficiently schooled in education to sufficiently help rehabilitating these children. Indeed, readily available statistics show that system is in reality hopeless in that mission. Whilst it has small effect in terms of deterring different youth from committing comparable crimes, the recidivism price of current youthful crooks is exacerbated by the scenario they encounter in mature prisons. That they emerge from the prison system not rehabilitated, but even worse than these were before, and this condition they enter the junior society in the state.

There are numerous problems inside the juvenile justice system of Fl. The most relevant of these can be described as lack of satisfactory research to focus on the current scenario of Florida’s juvenile proper rights system. Exploration should focus on all challenging areas, like the recidivism rate, the different available justice devices, and racial representation.


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