how does air pollution effect on our health and




Today, the issue of polluting of is one of the main threats to public health. The proliferation of air pollution threatens public health and it is a tremendous danger to the health of people moving into remote areas as well as in metropolitan areas. In this circumstance, air pollution is an overwhelming problem affecting the whole country. Today, air pollution is one of the major risks to public well-being.

Now, population weakness to the effects of air pollution can not be underestimated individuals are always confronted with the effects of pollution (EPA, 2009). People are not able to live without air plus they can suffer adverse effects of air pollution while being affected by outdoor activities. In this condition, people cannot escape the consequence of air pollution, nevertheless air pollution could be reduced to reduce adverse health effects.

In this respect it is crucial to emphasize that air pollution can cause the development of quite a few health problems (Kehrl, 2004). Certainly, the health concerns caused by polluting of vary tend to be extremely hazardous. One of the most hazardous effects of smog is the start asthma. People exposed to pollution and the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and other emissions may cause asthma (Kehrl, 2004). This really is a chronic disease associated with difficulty breathing. However , the reason for asthma inside the population may be the cause of pollution. Another disease caused by air pollution is tumor. In fact , smog continues to increase the risk of growing cancer, especially lung cancer (EPA, 2009). Cancer is definitely a dangerous ailment that can lead to affected person death in the event not diagnosed early in the onset. Air pollution can also trigger heart and cardiovascular disease. This disease is the leading cause of fatality. The start heart and cardiovascular disease poises peoples lives.

From this situation, youngsters are at higher risk of expanding many health conditions, including breathing difficulties and heart disease, than adults. Children are more vulnerable to the unwanted side effects of pollution on their overall health during the bodys formation (). If the person is exposed to unfavorable environmental factors such as pollution, children are affected from chronic diseases just like asthma. In addition , some chemical elements, including lead, will be lower in lower height children, however the higher the adult, the less weak they are to such risky factors. Consequently , children are more at risk of creating other health problems caused by air pollution.

Today, the number of children suffering from breathing difficulties and other illnesses caused by pollution is elevating. Children are susceptible to the side effects of air pollution and cannot handle them automatically (Children’s 2010). Without a significant program to stop their air pollution and the adverse impact of significant cutbacks in air pollution, their parents can bum.

With this context, the requirement to protect public well-being through the lowering of pollution becomes evident. There is also a need to develop preventive steps and programs that can prevent a number of health issues (children 2010) by rousing healthy life-style of children along with minimizing negative effects of air pollution on human health. In this regard, the tasks of point out agencies, medical institutions, cultural workers plus the whole society are especially essential. In fact , the joint attempts of the open public, state, and individual can solve polluting of problems and significantly decrease the health of children and public well-being.

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