jainism vs sikhism essay


Read the given chapters for the week and complete the subsequent table. Become as specific as possible when identifying procedures, beliefs, traditions, and famous elements. Report sources in APA format.

Sikhism being a religion believes in the followings:

Main Beliefs



1 ) Every human being has a heart

2 . Sikhism believes in A single GOD.

several. Every spirit is possibly divine, with innate characteristics of endless knowledge, perception, power, and bliss (masked by the karmas).

5. Sikhism feels Guru Granth Sahib as the last and eternal Teachers of Sikhs.

five. Regard just about every living being just as you do yourself, damaging no one and being kind to all living beings. Sikhism believes in Karma- the law of cause and effect.

six. Every soul is born like a heavenly becoming, human, sub-human or hellish being in respect to its own karmas.

six. Sikhism believes in Reincarnation.

8. Every spirit is the architect of its own life, here or hereafter 6. Each time a soul is definitely freed from karmas, it becomes free of charge and attains divine consciousness, experiencing endless knowledge, perception, power, and bliss

being unfaithful. Sikhism features Multiple paths to solution.

10. Sikhism opposes Pilgrimage, rituals practices

11. Sikhism believes in Karma- the law of cause and effect.

Reply to the following queries in 150 to 2 hundred words:

1 . What do you believe is the most important likeness and which is the most important big difference? Use specifics to support your answer.

Though Sikhism and Jainism are South Hard anodized cookware religions with high philosophical values, they differ significantly in their age group, diet, techniques for salvation, and most importantly, their concept of God. Jainism may be the oldest regarded religion in India getting most recently traced back to the latest tirthankara or prophet, Mahavira (599 ” 527 BCE), although Sikhism is the youngest tradition and started in the fifteenth century inside the state, Punjab. Eventhough equally religions rely on karma and reincarnation in the soul, Sikhs are not required to be stringent vegetarians, remarkably contrasting to the vegan diet ofthe Janis.

A significant big difference between those two eastern religions is all their belief in the way to attain solution in their lives. Since Janis do not trust in a single The almighty or many gods for example, they believe their very own salvation is usually gained exclusively through their own personal have difficulties and success. Jains usually do not believe there is heavenly figure guiding all of them through lifestyle, but rather that the universe is actually a never-ending pattern. This drastically differs fromthe monotheistic values of Sikhism of how there exists only one inventor and God, mostly referred to as Allah in the Guru Granth Sahib. Sikhs believe they might gain solution through serving Allah, and in the end becomes 1 with Goodness. Both religions practice and revere Ahisma ( nonviolence ), even so Jains greatly emphasize this lifestyle much more than Sikhs do. This can be found historically when the Sikhs wished to rise critical, formed a military and beared arms.

2 . Consider the following declaration: Sallekhana (“holy death) violates the Jain principle of ahimsa because it is an work of assault against your self. Using good examples from Ch. 5 of the text, what points may possibly a follower of Jainism make to dispute against this declaration?

non harm extends to believed, word and action. Mahavira taught that all beings desire life. Consequently no one gets the right to take away the life of another staying. According to Jainism, the killing of animals is an excellent sin. Jainism goes further more and says that there is your life in trees, and plants and there is life in air flow, water, mud, etc ., and this all things have right to are present. (live)




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