Health and social care Essay


We are now residing in an aging society and so health and cultural care may play a part during our life course in one way yet another. I shall start the primary body of my project by providing evidence of what is meant by life course. I will in that case move onto my personal experiences of adulthood associated with using health insurance and social care services, displaying as I get how obstruct 1 offers helped me to critically reflect upon these kinds of and the result.

Critically representation means that I will analyse, obstacle and problem within this project. I will as well show the different methods of representation to explore my entire life course and have absolutely how important reflection can be in health and social care setting. After reflecting I will discuss other factors from within the training guides. I then will come towards the end in the assignment having a brief conclusion. The term life course comprises of expected age related events throughout life, which might be traditions in a society.

These types of life courses can change in different cultures. These types of events in a life course can affect how people live which is called existence course perspective, by understanding a person’s life course, we can put it to use to provide suitable support and provision. In mastering guide 3, open university, five principles by Bengston et approach (2005), arise within the life course point of view; by discussing these we certainly have a better understanding of the life program, It creates a common field of inquiry by understanding a construction that courses research in terms of problem identification and formulation ‘, (Bengston et approach, 2005, Chapter 1).

The first is called connected lives, which is how our lives are affected by other folks, they have are incredibly influential, especially family. The second reason is time and place, it discusses how things such as historical situations, living in a period of monetary decline for instance , The Great Depressive disorder, can restrict certain opportunities and form who people are and become. The third is timing, this involves the timing of certain events within a person’s life that may can fit in inside society’s usual of if the event should happen such as education and having children.

The fourth is produce hoices by what to do and possess plans, it really is about firm, how they program their lifestyle, have impact over it and can continually determine if it is going to plan. Even so I feel that this is critiqued since still there are arranged marriages, controlling interactions, forced prostitution, all of these possess little organization over their particular life and also many other cases. The sixth and final one is life-long, this demonstrates ageing is not just an older stage of life but is occurring to all individuals, it is a life-long process and events can determine the outcome of afterwards life.

Applying these to health and sociable care adjustments can help complete a picture of your individual’s life, I will also apply a number of the five elements to my own experience. To critically think about my own activities I had to determine which elements of my life will be relevant. At the end of my personal reflection Let me show just how these good examples changed my own values and ethics and also now what My spouse and i expect by health and sociable care specialists. The three types of expression by Barker (2010, l. 122) cites (William 2001) within learning guide 1, open college or university, are probably routine to help reflect on my first experience. The first sort of reflection by simply Barker is content reflection this includes what happened.

What happened is that I had a swift transition coming from childhood to adulthood as I became a mother for sixteen. The 2nd part of reflection is method reflection this is why it happened. Industry because during the time I sensed older than my years and to show mother and father and close friends how developed I was, I managed to get pregnant. Another part is called premise or perhaps critical reflection which reveals why it happened and the reasoning for it.

Being a teenager almost all I cared for about was my feelings and nobody else mattered it absolutely was what I desired and so I made sure it did. I was remedied as a interpersonal outcast by simply certain as well as was as well treated in an exceedingly patronising method by the DOCTOR and other healthcare professionals including midwives, through my motherhood and early on motherhood. By simply drawing on this as an experience I wanted to show that my values in the past were self-centered and all about me and having a mom this changed my view by making my personal child my personal priority and i also used this kind of as a durability to confirm the professionals incorrect and that I would personally make a good mother irrespective of my age group.

I realize now that a lot of judgements were made as this was not categorised as society’s norm as well shows the 2nd principal of your time and place?nternet site was classed as the modern youth culture. I as well feel that in case the professionals acquired taken the time to understand my life course since discussed inside learning guideline three, open university, they would have understood why I had taken this program of actions. When persons don’t do what appears to be the obvious, sensible, rational point to promote their particular health and wellbeing, it can be tempting to characterise all of them as awkward’, irrational’, their own most detrimental enemy’ .. (Open University, LG three or more. 2).

I feel that this phrase sums up how I was treated, plus the assumption of me by the health professionals. I chose this to exhibit that I continue to had the rights to be treated as any other mother to be and not as being a social outcast from a modern day culture. I wanted also for growing that this might also be classed while an ethical dilemma for sure members of staff as they may think uneasy coping with teenage mother to be. Ethical dilemmas often happen in into the social care as mentioned in learning guide five.

I will be using the three advised methods of representation by Rolfe et ‘s (2001), (LG1, open university), for my next experience. The initial method is the actual situation can be, looking into any kind of problems and any emotions about it. This example is that I was diagnosed with Sero-negative arthritis for 25, I was devastated, I had fashioned two children by this point to take care of and an abusive partner who was no help. The other method consists of so what, I took this to mean, what was discovered and virtually any thoughts on the situation. At the time I used to be understandably annoyed but I had developed very very good family and friends to help, shows the importance of linked lives.

I had to very nervous of going back for the judgemental specialists that I’d dealt with earlier, they were not very informative and i also was added to a waiting around list to see a specialist. The attitudes with the professionals was that I had been diagnosed, deal with that basically. Another method is ok now what, what would have to be done, improve my understanding. I researched as much as I could, realised this usually damaged people among 40 50 so learning this kind of I sensed old exhibiting the 5th principle by simply Bengston ain al, that ageing occurs us all, I used to be suffering from what I thought was an older persons illness.

We kept going back to the GP time after time pressing my method up the waiting around list, exhibiting them analysis of what can happen with no early treatment to ensure I used to be seen to as quickly as possible, this kind of caused slightly conflict among myself and the GP?nternet site felt That i knew of more than they did and they would not like that simple fact. I feel that showing back about this again the health professionals plus the care I received was poor. I actually eventually acquired care by simply rheumatology personnel who looked at my grow older and will assume that I was not battling as poor as the mediocre, I was disappointed by the overall health service as a whole.

I likewise wanted to demonstrate that they weren’t taking into account my own quality of life was going to suffer easily wasn’t remedied effectively. Long-term illness is usually discussed also as a biographical disruption. Biographical disruption is definitely an event outside the house your expectation of your life program that is unnecessary or certainly not expected.

Staying diagnosed with Sero-negative arthritis definitely fits in with this example, in fact a paper was written discussing how long-term illness as biographical disruption, My contention is that condition, and especially persistent illness, is precisely that kind of knowledge where the buildings of everyday your life and the kinds of knowledge which in turn underpin choices disrupted., (Bury, Chapter your five, Reader). Using another technique of reflection by Schon (1983), (LG1, Wide open University), Let me explore my third and last selected experience. Is reflection in action which is how it sounds by making use of past experience, knowledge to guide you.

Although I actually am right now in a cheerful relationship, I used to be once in an aggressive and violent romance for 10 years and that affected my personal every aspect of my life from my own confidence to new interactions. By using this type of reflection, even though until scanning this type of representation I had not even realised I had fashioned done that, I applied my past relationship to make sure that I would become treated just like a woman during my new relationship. The second reason is called reflection on actions this is essentially thinking back on what actions we took after the function.

I had remaining after an incident which will had required a police visit and so social companies had been advised because of the assault to ensure the kids had not been engaged and I found them very judgemental of the fact I had stayed at for too long in an damaging relationship. I actually showed sociable services which i had called for support personally and kids by another organisation as soon as I kept and that I had been aware we would need it. Cultural services told me that we would need to work together to make certain the action I had considered was enough and that each of the steps required to ensure that i was all backed were taken.

At first Interpersonal Services were quite rude and distressing by We realised it turned out their work to be intrusive and once My spouse and i let my personal guard down with all of them, I actually discovered that they were there to help. We anted to demonstrate this as an experience since I was raised with solid family ideals and values so I slept in the marriage because Some want a damaged family pertaining to my kids even though looking back now I know that it was an incorrect thing to do. I also truly feel it must be hard for interpersonal care services to at times understand my own reasoning to get staying while my family values when their very own values might have been different creating the initial tension.

I understand now that perhaps even though you were raised with certain principles and values sometimes your own and your families’ welfare requires priority. I also planned to show that that the next principle simply by Bengston ou al is definitely not always likely, throughout this kind of relationship I had no autonomy, in a controlling environment you are able to only perform what you should do and never everybody has the possibility of disregarding free.

The quality of life, for me and my children was also influenced, I have taken an get to show my point that, There will be objective characteristics too, plus some of these, just like sufficient nutrition, a non-hazardous environment, and a long and healthy life are generally, or practically universally uncontroversial as aspects of quality of life. (Phillips, chapter three or more, Reader). Inside the quote that mentions a non hazardous environment which can be the opposite of what we had been living in. By simply reflecting about the above activities, and others not really mentioned, That stuff seriously I have had a difficult life course but because of these people I feel I have built up strength.

My connection with adulthood started a lot earlier than was prepared, it was rather than an easy option but My spouse and i adapted well. Adulthood did not really get easier personally until lately where I discovered my self-reliance and was safe faraway from harm. With my experiences of adult life not being so great, I would say that I feel a whole lot older than I actually am, if I bring in confident ageing or perhaps successful getting older which was discussed in learning guideline two i quickly would claim I absolutely do not fit that explanation the next quote helps clarify why. Successful aging is somewhat more than the lack of disease, essential though that may be, and more than the maintenance of functional capacities, significant as it is.

Both are important components of successful aging, but it can be their combo with energetic engagement with life that represents the idea of successful aging most fully ‘, ( Rowe and Kahn, 97, Open University). I am more mindful of my ageing process seeing that being diagnosed at this sort of a young age of sero-negative osteoarthritis but as it is not necessarily life threatening I feel I have a while left however until the end of living. I also believe that since I made the decision to leave my abusive partner that my quality lifestyle has dramatically improved if I had stayed at in that environment I feel that I would not be here now to talk about it. My beliefs and values have been influenced by a lot of my experiences over the years and also have definitely changed.

My ideals and values consist of precisely what is good for me as well as the children, if I am happy and articles then they will benefit it indicates that I can also now offer a more available, respectful and secure childhood. I was now likely to bring my own assignment to the end simply by summing up my summary. With the encounters that I have mentioned inside my assignment you can see that my interaction with the associated with health and cultural care has been quite lively.

I have been up against professionals who have judged me personally and made assumptions and also that have made me think inadequate but I was likewise helped by simply social solutions and feel stronger because of that so I was unsure showing how to sum up the field of health and social care mainly because it covers such a wide aspect within our lifestyle courses. In the event there was more training presented in understanding lifestyle courses and offering person centred care then I feel things might improve but in a time of economic fall I cannot imagine that the money for this would be available. I really do feel that there will always be prejudices in the health and cultural care job and that their very own personal beliefs and integrity may also usually play a part in the manner they offer support. (

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