Is There Too Much Technology? Essay

Technology is a great thing, it is employed anywhere and everywhere around the globe. Whether it’s a a radio station or an iPad, many of us have some kind of technological gadget lying around someplace in the house.

You can inquire from it to do something but it will surely do it for you personally, it is a way of improving the living conditions. Let’s start with the mobile phones as one example. If you are like me then you can’t be off your phone for over two mins. If you are not really calling an individual then you will be texting somebody. If you are certainly not texting somebody, then you happen to be browsing the internet, most likely you would be on facebook or twitter.

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If you are not really doing some of those things then you would be staring blindly at your phone with nothing to do, or just expecting something to occur. Although some persons argue that technology can be great for introverted people by allowing them for you to have more social activities, an even more accurate examination of modern time technology will be that it is damaging to society, creating people to use less time with family and friends, by parties, at sporting events, and fewer time seeking an active lifestyle. We need to recognize that while technology is useful and necessary, additionally, there are many negative drawbacks. The present day day Net provides users with instant information by around the globe.

We can easily learn and process information at much larger rates than society performed before the invention of modern technology. While all of this is interesting and amazing, technology users need to understand the dangers connected with too much of a very important thing. Teens needs to be limited to how much time they spend on-line, and by themselves.

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