The United States in Comparison to Other Countries Essay


Developing up in a period where the several methods of press are at an all-time high, it can be challenging to get a precise view on the United States of America and everything that also goes on in the countries encircling it. Because of the media’s bias, anyone living in the United States might easily think that America is superior to every other country in any conceivable category, including education, work, and prosperity. In reality, the United States isn’t towards the top of its video game.

Many other countries are busting the United States by a very large sum. This however , doesn’t show that the United States isn’t above a lot of other countries. Although the Us has an spectacular literacy level of 99% over the past almost 8 years to get both males and females, in addition, it has a not too great lack of employment rate which includes only recently been getting even worse of the span of 8 years, going coming from only 4% to 9%.

Although America pushes for any high education, there aren’t enough careers to provide for all of you fields folks are going to university for. The money that is becoming spent on education is slowly and gradually going to waste. The United States includes a GDP of $15. 2009 Trillion.

Contrary to public opinion, a country’s GDP would not reflect it is wealth. The GDP presents how much a rustic has produced in goods. A healthier way to find the wealth of people within a country would be finding the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT per capita. The United States at present has a GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT per capita of $49, 000 (recorded in 2011).

In the year 2003, the United States a new GDP per capita of $34, 1000. The GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT per household measures the regular income per head in a country. On terms of well being, the United States can be functioning remarkably. The average life expectancy in 2003 was seventy seven years old.

This summer the average life span of a men was seventy six. 05 years old and females had an expectancy of 81. 05 years. Newborn mortality isn’t an issue in america.

In the year 2003 the infant mortality rate was 7 deaths for every one thousand live births. In 2011 the newborn mortality price improved to 5. 98 fatalities for every 1000 live births. Although it hasn’t improved, the physician per patient ratio remains highly working. In the year 2003 there was you doctor for each 307 people.

In 2011, there was 1 doctor for every 374. The United States is highly functioning enough to the point where different countries don’t need to donate to it, but rather, it donates to these people. The United States donates about $9. 96 billion in foreign aid.

Not everyone in america is growing like the majority of the population is definitely. 15. 1% of the United States can be below the poverty line. A country similar to the United States based on features is Luxembourg.

Austria is really excelling above the United States in certain areas. Austria doesn’t foreign trade as many goods as the us does, nonetheless they have an outstanding GDP of $356. 5 billion.

Mentioned previously earlier through this writing, GDP doesn’t indicate how rich a country can be, unlike the GDP every capita. Austria’s GDP every capita in 2003 was $25, 230, which is to some extent close to the particular United States’ was at the time ($34, 100). Just like the United states, Austria’s GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT per capita increased simply by 2011. Austria’s GDP every capita was $42, 4 hundred in 2011.

Even though the numbers between two countries are close, the United States recieve more money and exports even more goods. 6% of Austria’s population is below the low income line, which is 9% a lot better than the United States. Austria does even so have a higher unemployment level than the Usa.

Austria’s joblessness rate was 6% in 2003 which is now a whole lot worse at 10%. Just because Austria doesn’t wipe out the United States for the reason that category, doesn’t mean that they don’t possess a rich enough country to donate. Austria donates $423. a few million in foreign help. Austria’s total health surpasses the United States’.

Austria’s life expectancy was 78 years old in 2003. In 2011 it absolutely was 77 years old for men and 82. 97 years old for females.

Austrian males and American guys on average can live for about the same amount of the time. Austrian females on average can live about 1 year much longer than American females. The newborn mortality charge is also better than America’s. The infant mortality price for Luxembourg in 2003 was your five deaths for each 1, 500 live births.

In 2011 it absolutely was 4. 26 deaths for every 1, 500 live births. Each of these happen to be lower, however very close for the United States’ results. In 2003 Luxembourg had a doctor per affected person ratio of just one doctor to 333 people.

In 2011 that were there a percentage of 1 doctor to 210 patients. Both significantly below America’s. Austria’s literacy price was at 99% in 2003 but decreased 1% in 2011. The United States has already established a literacy rate of 99% constantly since the year 2003.

Brazil as well as the United States are really different in all respects. Brazil has a GDP of $2. 324 trillion which can be very high, however, not as high as the United States. Although Brazil’s GDP per capita is in the trillions, that they had an extremely low GDP every capita in 2003 in $3, 580. It has improved to $11, 900, which is still a very low number compared to the United States’ GDP per capita of $49, 000.

Because of the somewhat little bit of money, Brazil doesn’t give to other countries, but instead receives $332 , 000, 000 in overseas aid. twenty one. 4% of Brazil’s human population is under the poverty series which is about 6% more than United States. America has a bigger unemployment price than Brazil does.

In 2003, Brazil had an lack of employment rate of 7% and today has an joblessness rate of 6%. The us had a better unemployment rate in 2003, but now is performing worse than Brazil. Brazil however , has a much lower literacy rate than the United States. In 2003, Brazil had a literacy rate of 85% compared to the United States which usually had a literacy rate of 99%.

In 2011, Brazilian guys had a literacy rate of 88. 4%. Brazilian females had a literacy rate of 88. 8%. In 2011 the us had a 00% literacy price for both men and women.

Brazil plus the United States have very different total health. In 2003, Brazilians had a life span of 68 years old. In 2011, Males a new life expectancy of 69 years of age and females a new life expectancy of 76 years of age.

The infant mortality rate in Brazil was at 32 fatalities for every one particular, 000 live births in 2003. This year, there were twenty. 5 fatalities for every you, 000 live births. Quite a few are significantly higher than the United States’ infant mortality rate.

A doctor per individual ratio in Brazil i visited 1 doctor for every 769 patients in 2003. This summer, it increased to one doctor for every 581 patients. Even though it improved, the United States is still performing better with 1 doctor for every 374 patients. Lybia and the United states of america have many contrasting statistics. First of all, Lybia contains a GDP of $37. ninety-seven billion.

America has a much higher GDP at $15. 2009 trillion. Lybia’s GDP per capita i visited $5, 230 in 2003, which is an extremely low number. In the year 2003, the United States a new GDP every capita of $34, 100, which is in regards to a $30, 1000 difference. This summer, Lybia had a GDP every capita of $14, 75, which is a wonderful improvement by what it is at 2003, however lower than the usa, which is in $49, 500 in 2011.

Lybia, unlike the us, does not contribute to other countries. Lybia receives $15 million in foreign aid. Lybia includes a much higher lack of employment rate compared to the United States. Lybia, in equally 2003 and 2011, had an unemployment level of thirty percent.

The United States recently had an unemployment rate of 4% in 2003 and 9% in 2011. Lybia has an exceptional literacy rate, but it is still under the Usa States’ literacy rate. In 2003, Lybia had a literacy rate of 80% in comparison to the United States which had a literacy rate of 99%. This summer, males a new literacy rate of 95. 6% and women had a literacy rate of 82. seven percent.

The United States, again, had a literacy rate of 99%. Lybia’s over-all overall health is just a bit different from america. In 2003, Lybia’s normal life expectancy was 71 years old. The United States just visited 76 years old. In 2011, Lybia’s life expectancy intended for males was 75.

5 years old. Female’s life expectancy was 80. 28 years old. In 2003, Lybia’s infant fatality rate was at 26 fatalities for every one particular, 000 live births.

The usa only acquired 7 fatalities for every you, 000 live births at this time. In 2011, Lybia’s infant mortality rate superior to only nineteen deaths for every 1, 500 live births. The United States had only 5. 98 fatalities for every one particular, 000 live births currently.

The doctors per sufferer ratio in both countries are to some extent different. In 2003, Lybia’s doctor per patient rate was at you doctor for each 769 sufferers. In 2011, a doctor per patient ratio i visited 1 doctor for every 526 patients. The usa is currently in 1 doctor for every 374 patients. Although all of the countries shown through this writing aren’t drastically better or a whole lot worse than the Usa, there are many various other countries that excel far beyond the usa, and some that fall extremely far below it.

Looking at different stats and comparing and different them, one may see how countries are considerably different from one other in different groups.

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