There are similarities and differences, which are present between advantage, utilitarianism, and deontological ethical theories. I will provide an description of each theory as well as a explanation of the variations in how each theory details ethics and morality. By childhood to adulthood, People have lived through many encounters. I will contact briefly on a personal experience to show the partnership between advantage, values, and moral principles as they connect with one of the ideas.


Beginning with Advantage ethics, “it is also referred to as agent-based integrity.

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Its position is the fact we turn into good once we cultivate excellence (virtue) by pursuing the modest course between excess and defect (Boylan, Pg 208, 2009). One of this is simply by saying that an individual who has a particular job or perhaps career is capable of excellence if she or he make the conscious decision to accomplish what it takes to get there. Utilitarianism defined can be “the theory that suggests that an action is usually morally correct when that action produces more total utility to get the group as a consequence than any other option does.

 Utilitarianism has an individual place the entity before his or herself, to get the greater good of the group, work-center, or perhaps corporation. Simply by understanding your position in that entity, noticing at the moment there is certainly someone better suited to satisfy a task, the utilitarian willingly would provide you with the task to the more certified person. The Deontological theory, suggest, “that an providers duty relies up basic principle.

The theory facets its duties on the mother nature of man reason or on the characteristics of man action. This asserts the presence of moral information and so is actually a moral realist theory.  An example of this theory is the actions provided to the police pressure. Policemen include a duty to uphold what the law states even if it means taking another persons your life at will. Generally when warranted, the consequences of taking one more persons lifestyle are justified by their obligation to maintain the law.

Under virtue theory, ethics and morality happen to be addressed simply by asking exactly how determine if a person is good or not. Can we give ourself time to get acquainted with a person or do we determine the great in a person based on their very own acts. Is it fair to judge a person on serves alone? Understanding that some individuals may view issues different from other folks describes values. Morality is definitely addressed by simply virtue to comprehend what one individual thinks is ethically very good or not really may not be correct or incorrect to another. Utilitarianism addresses ethics and values by putting your good of the group at the forefront. Utilitarianism is a group of people believing in the same target for the excellent of the team. For this to exist, every citizen inside the group provides the same philosophy and look for toward the same result. There is no query of correct and incorrect or the increased good. All of them follow a set standard so that they perceive to be the greatest action intended for the team.

Deontology Theory addresses ethics and morality if you take the command word action as it asks the question, “when does recognition of moral duty get started?  (Boylan, Pg. 173, 2009). The commanding process for this theory applies to those with a duty to behave upon. For example , the president of the USA has a duty to protect the nation from most enemies. His position could fall into this theory while his personal considering may be like a utilitarian or perhaps of virtue. Based on the positioning there may be a requirement to fulfill a certain work under the deontological theory.

An individual experience that we could correspond with one of these theories would be the legalization of abortion. Although In my opinion a person should have the right to an child killingilligal baby killing, I do not believe the act by itself is right. My spouse and i also think it depends on the explanation. I went through a situation in which a friend was pregnant and did not want to have an abortion, however , chose to do so due to her financial situation. Ethically your woman made a decision that was hers for this but the meaning to do so was wrong I find myself based on her reasoning. Quickly I would say her principles to the scenario were regarding herself only and not by what she was destroying.

Contrasting the Advantage, Utilitarianism, and Deontology ideas provided a lot of similarities and differences. An explanation was given for the theories in addition to a description from the ethical and moral variations of each. Last, a personal knowledge was presented detailing the way the relationship among virtue, principles, and meaning concepts related to the hypotheses.


Boylan, M. (2009). Fundamental Ethics (2nd ed. ). Retrieved through the University of Phoenix eBook Collection data source.

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