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Just Homestay LLC

The emergence of technology before decades has led the world to a lot of innovations. Points that were when impossible to get, such as minute-to-minute trans-Atlantic interaction, are now popular. With the opening of communication, furthermore, has come the starting of region and thus of constant interaction of communities that acquired previously interacted only in limited portions. The history of studying in foreign countries and of number families has been long around. But with this kind of aforementioned ‘opening’ it has become much easier to travel, whether for education purposes of otherwise, and especially to find easy accommodation, whether with friends, families, by such sites as www.justhomestay.com or www.homestayfinder.com, or dependable strangers, by www.airbnb.com, for instance. The web pages below will study one of those websites, particularly www.justhomestay.com, and with that the ‘host family’ market, and will aim to examine the two external and internal elements that have written for this area’s growth.

Only Homestay LLC

Just Homestay LLC is an excellent resource from which to start. The web page for this business states that “Just Homestay is an independently owned or operated and controlled company specializing in short-term and long-term casing. We provide assistance for intercontinental students as well as visitors in New York City. ” (Just Homestay, 2012) Further more description will mention that the company operates in Miami, Los Angeles and Washington too. Due to the specific market by which Just Homestay is present, namely in the associated with New York that is analyzed pertaining to the range of the article here, the website ought to be an expert in all concerns dealing with linking an individual into a host relatives. Such personalized assistance is important, especially in a town like New York, where distinct boroughs will vary ‘feels, ‘ and thus one needs to be familiar with both student as well as the host family’s situations in order to best match them, should the student certainly not choose a relatives outright.

Dressmaker an Experience

To be able to demonstrate the ability to perform this ‘connection, ‘ the website has a form that the individual need to fill out to be able to ‘tailor’ the application form process to some individual’s demands. After a deeper examination of numerous factors, that can be previously accomplished and offers included the very fact that the organization screens every family to assure safety and has a large unique system, complete with a quest statement and values, you can say that a critical factor in this specific company’s development has been the actual market intended for such a large city. As stated above, New York City is not only significant, but has different neighborhoods and each neighborhood is unique. With all the size of the town comes a huge concern pertaining to safety too. Thus, what Just Homestay LLC really does better than various other websites, just like www.homestayfinder.com, can be, as mentioned above, dressmaker the experience to a certain customer’s demands.

The Website

When ever one trips the website, thus, he or she may have the option not to only browse New York City testimonies and see images (though very few of both), but will become able to total the application on the site that allows students to specify various components of information that can be crucial to the application form process and matching the student with the right relatives. The testimonies also help ensure the integrity with the company, as do the number family requirements and a fast peak in the ‘About us’ section where videos are updated to incorporate various people who further offer praise to get the organization.

Exterior Analysis

At first glance, thus, Simply Homestay LLC looks like an excellent website from which to start. However , a closer top at additional websites, such as Homestay Person, will keep the reader with a different, more ‘complete’ experience. This means to state that Homestay Finder contains a larger databases, it seems, and an individual recieve more control over choosing his or her web host family. Furthermore, Homestay Locater appeals to a greater market, for it has a number family repository for more than 31 countries (31 to be exactly, including the United States, by state and city). At Homestay Finder, you can not only simply click a certain town, but likewise see persons and sometimes photographs of people with which anybody can choose to stay (Homestay Person, 2012). Many of these families also have a description of who they are and why they would like to be number families, which is very nice to see and is lacking in on the Merely Homestay site. One downside of the website, however , is that it does not provide a ‘customer’ with designed information, so for this reason, Only Homestay continues to be at the top.

Another resource for getting accommodations in another city which can be relatively cost-effective and homey is Atmosphere B. And B (www.airbnb.com). Unlike the home stay web page above, Surroundings BnB functions more like a hotel. Excellent database of 29, 786 cities (AirBnB, 2012), and an individual can choose a place to stay based on where he or perhaps she wants to go, and also check in and check out schedules, and sometimes selling price. Thus, the website places far more control within an individual’s hands, though just as Homestay Locater, it provides explanations for different hosts. Due to the fact that many even more tourists make use of Air BnB this home page’s appeal is a lot less linked, though a lot more professional looking than that on the website of Just Homestay and Homestay Finder.

While the most important exterior factors just for Homestay LLC’s success incorporate a deep knowledge of the market, of the families associated with the individuals who ought to be linked, the website’s focused presence, complete with images, videos and testimonials makes it look incredibly professional and extremely tailored, that aggregates to a trusting relationship, specifically an individual across seas, and therefore one can suppose that this simply contributes to the organization’s accomplishment, especially in the New York market.

Inside Analysis

The strength of any corporation, however , is in numbers. With out further information in regards to what its internal working are like, or the profits, it is rather difficult to measure the organization’s abilities and failings, especially when comparing this to Homestay Finder and Air BnB, the latter of which has a even more professional site that includes even more company-related data. Without entry to public records, including tax returns, it truly is impossible to gauge what the business could learn better. Though in the beginning, given the countless resources available just by searching a website, the marketing could be bolstered.

One of the foremost inner strengths from the organization, as stated above, which is really worth repeating is a amount of specific info that the firm gathers from both its host households and its going to individuals. Depending on a quick software look through, it would appear that the screening process is not only relatively quick although also detailed, which further more ensures that students will be ‘in good hands. ‘ Irrespective of some inside strengths and weaknesses, this kind of organization does need to reinforce its believability and enhance its marketing capabilities if it desires to continue to be successful.

Additional Analysis

Studying abroad is usually difficult, especially when one is not familiar with a city or maybe a country. There are things the particular one must know to be successful, that are cultural in nature, and can only be learned from residents. When a single arrives in a foreign country, thus, it is vital that he or she has someone on which to rely, which is where host family members comes in. The essay over has reviewed various sites that provide this kind of service, and why many are better than other folks.


Simply Homestay has become analyzed in greater detail as the most tailored of the 3 websites, whereas Homestay Locater had a significant database, and Air BnB was very professional in nature, nevertheless not very personal. After this evaluation

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