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A Diagram to exhibit the Framework of A Personal computer A Plan to show the System for Concluding My Logo A Diagram to show the device for Completing My Schedule A Picture to show the machine for Completing My Salary Slip A Diagram to demonstrate the System to get Completing Snail mail Merge Hard disk drive Description Positive aspects Disadvantages Exactly where did I take advantage of this device? How do I have used this device? Hard Disk Main storage device of a computer. It has a large ability of up to 1024 GB (160 GB in PC).

Significant capacity Trustworthy Durable Sensitive Not infallible Not portable I utilized this device everytime I needed in order to save my function. N/A Floppy Disk A 3. your five inch hard disk drive quadrangular in form. Obsolete type of data safe-keeping. Simple to use Compact Portable Little memory Quickly damaged Difficult to rely on N/A For taking my data home Expensive Drive (USB) A modern kind of data safe-keeping.

It links via UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS. Compact Portable Large memory (up to 2GB) Small-easily lost Not really compatible with all computers Delicate To take function home N/A Output Device Description Advantages Disadvantages Exactly where did I use this device? How can I have used this gadget?

Ink Jet Printing device These computer printers use carts which contain tattoo. Produce good quality printouts Fast Cheap to acquire Laserjet Inkjet printer They produce in the same way because photocopiers. Powder ink, called Toner’, is definitely fused on paper by heat and pressure. Top quality printouts Expense per webpage low (cheaper than ink-jet or appear in matrix printers) Most expensive printer to buy Large Expensive to fix Dot Matrix Printer 1st printer to become used in homes and schools. Cheap Low operating costs Can generate carbon clones Noisy Cannot produce colour documents Very sluggish N/A I really could have imprinted some of my own work away with that.

LCD Monitor Liquid very displays. Moves light through tiny crystals. Portable. Superior quality display More expensive than CRT monitors Display is sensitive To view my own work N/A CRT Keep an eye on Cathode beam tube.

Layer of little phosphor dots glow the moment hit simply by electrons my spouse and i. e. mild. Cheap Straightforward Heavy (not portable therefore) Lower top quality display N/A I could have got used this to view my personal work rather than an FLAT SCREEN monitor Design Plotter Can produce large printouts e. g. 3? x10? and of a top quality. The images are made by a pencil controlled by the computer system. High quality printouts Large printouts can be developed Slower than printers More pricey than ink jet printers Bad for producing text N/A.

To printing off large copies of my work. Will have increased quality of logo Type Device Information Advantages Disadvantages Where performed I use this gadget? How could I have used this device?

Key pad It is the commonest and most widely used input gadget. The secrets (buttons) will be arranged alphabetically, numerically and computer particular keys (function-F1, F2 and many others and: erase, page up home etc). Most personal computers have a keyboard packed with these people Simple to use Special keyboards obtainable Mistakes are super easy to make Input keys are unacceptable for making charts Handicapped persons find them hard to use.

Throughout the course every time I needed to enter data N/A Mouse button Most common suggestions device alongside the keyboard. Provides 2-5 switches. There are two types available: optic and tool; optical provides a motion messfuhler under the mouse, and the roller operates using a ball.

Perfect for desktop computers Simple to use Provided with PC Require an even area near the PERSONAL COMPUTER Overuse can cause RSI (repetitive strain injury) Any time Required to select folders, used for browsing through the internet and programs Scanner Scanners convert physical info (text, graphic etc) in to digital info. This allows the graphic to be modified. The most used scanning device is the flatbed scanner which is often used at home institution etc . Top quality than portable scanners.

Photos can be edited/enhanced once digitised Very appropriate and superior quality Images can take up a lot of recollection The digital image loses some quality in the checking process N/A I could have made my salary slip manually , and sought it in Magnetic Red stripe Reader A device which scans magnetic recording. Commonly used by bank devices and for protection in buildings (acts being a key) Simple to operate Quick and easy to work with Smudges for the magnetic stripe make this unable for the card to become read N/A N/A. Software Description Positive aspects Disadvantages Wherever did I prefer this program? How could I have used this method?

Word Digesting The method of creating documents on a computer. Likewise used to identify advanced shorthand techniques. Simple to edit Simple to correct mistakes Not all phrase processors allow the same formatting e. g. notepad doesn’t allow you to add photos but Word does Once i was postal mail merging, coming into employee data and creating my salary slip N/A Spreadsheet Data is joined in series and content like a desk.

This is perfect for numerical data/registers etc, calculations can be carried out without difficulty. Formulae are easy to enter Cleary presented info Can use up a lot of memory May be complicated when I entered the data to get the employees N/A Database An accumulation data. Data files are fixed or adjustable length.

Requires little memory space Easy to get used to For it to work correctly you’ll need to design the files your self. When postal mail merging. N/A Graphics There are programs used to create digital images electronic. g. Bryce 2 Dimensions of picture can be modified (2D/3D) Various editing equipment Takes time to create high quality design Can get difficult N/A To develop my emblem Internet Computer software Software for the internet elizabeth. g. search engines Simple to use Entry to vast amounts of information Free to make use of Can be slow Filtering throughout the data can be extremely time consuming When I needed several help with the task To create my logo N/A Publishing Practical software. Well suited for producing choices.

Leaflets and so forth Simple to operate Various tools Mistakes are hard to correct sometimes Files will take up a lot of memory N/A To create my company logo Bespoke Software Programs that are tailor made to fit the customer’s requirements. Customer gets exactly what they desire More expensive to create Self preserved N/A Could have designed my very own program to make a database.

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