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The term of our firm is “HOME CLICK”. Revealing the process of leasing facilities, the aim should be to provide clients with the greatest ethical home rental support via the mobile program. No financing is required intended for the company at this time, as we the owners intends to little by little grow the company using our very own personal THAT resources. Our company office will probably be located in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has among the largest masse of the world. As well as its growing demand in the market moved so far. We offer our clients to have a competition edge in the market simply by hiring or renting property or properties as easy as possible.

Our mission is usually to create user-friendly asset hiring booking procedure in Bangladeshi market.

Our organization strategy is usually business to consumer (B2C) with an objective to become a single roof solution for all kind of shelter property lease will provide a wide range of access of real estate which is purely prepared by IT experts to get consumers. You can expect varieties of leasing access intended for both commercial and noncommercial lessee. Real estate without any problem is certain by all of us.


Business Type: “HOME CLICK” is a mobile software which is produced by your five young business people to solve the customer obstacles intended for renting legal shelter resources which is marketed in whole Bangladesh.

Quest Statement: We all ensures, constantly, that the customers get his value for money. We all will meet the needs of our customers according as to what they require. Our power is having the very best quality property according to customer concerns. We provide greatest offers and deals in comparison with other companies.

Vision Assertion: Our vision is to be amongst the top ten leading Online software for property renting, property buying and selling assistance companies in the Bangladesh ahead of our 2nd Anniversary.


  • Our business is founded on Property transactions.
  • Make certain that standard services will be often given.
  • Serve those with property solutions ” it is an software that is going to be retailed in IOS App store Android enjoy store platforms.
  • Meet up with customer expectations by providing common house by a reasonable cost.
  • Enhance customer base in two years by means of strengthening company image and providing standard quality kind of shelter.
  • Product Information:

    “HOME CLICK” makes real estate renting more quickly and easier for you. It is a Real estate Rental program that helps tenant to rent a permanent/temporary commercial and non-commercial space all over Bangladesh with its exceptional matching notification engine.

    Refining user’s expectation for the property by setting up preferences with handful of taps and “HOME CLICK” will search and inform perfect spots for customers.

    Following are some HOME CLICK’s key features:

  • Matching Sorcerer ” Complementing to a right one, HOME CLICK’s super strong matching wizard will validate customer’s predicted space.
  • Match notice ” A really loud 1, sit back and relax, “HOME CLICK” will certainly nudge client when in which matching renter.
  • Potential tenant list ” “HOME CLICK” could have a potential tenant list immediately after rental listing posted.
  • Rent inmiscuirse ” Looking at rental price in an region customer going to rent.
  • Reward system ” Whoever will help “HOME CLICK” by means of giving customers or info will be compensated by presents and expenses.

    • To enhance our customer’s satisfaction.
    • To create a varying business of online home renting, home buying and selling.
    • To accomplish regularity in the providers offered.
    • To resolve any kind of operation problem and help to make all the procedure process work efficiently.
    • To ensure that each of the operation procedure in our organization is working well to satisfy the demand of our customers.


    The purpose of HOME CLICK’s organization is usually to give support automatically.

    Azizul Islam will market the companys service line at regional IT festivals. She will synchronize her fair participation with presentation group meetings with real-estate company reps.

    Moreover she will regularly send free services with her potential clients so that they can experience the top quality of her services first hand. The key with her marketing through will be on the net offline.

    Azizul Islam will also launch the “HOME CLICK” web page. The site will be designed to encourage properties, list a work schedule of IT good appearances, and initially, give a selection on most popular products to get direct on-line service.

    He will depend on the experts for 1st-at-the-Top. com Internet and E-commerce consultants for the design, hosting, and internet search engine placement of the web site.


    The SWOT Research is the process we carry out once we have results of our market research. That let us know the particular potential strong points, weaknesses, options and hazards to our business. After completing promoting plan SWOT analysis is certainly much important.

    SWOT means:

    • Talents.
    • Weaknesses.
    • Possibilities.
    • Hazards.

    SWOT Analysis:


    • Deals created by legal homeowners.
    • Several properties are available like residences, commercial areas etc .
    • Popular promoting marketing circulation.
    • Fewer effort to look for so you will see available significant set of consumers.
    • Induces growth keeps healthy.
    • Wider buyer channel of properties really helps to reach to people in no time.
    • Skilled advertising team who will continuously analysis about any potential promoting opportunity.
    • Quality offers are displayed and keep prices reasonable.
    • Maintain standards in making the deals performed.


    • Being a starter in terms of logos compared to other property broker agents.
    • Has a price primarily based positioning and never even viewed as an option by upper class
    • Limited market shares as compared to leading property retailers.
    • Problems of getting loan from the bank for new organization.
    • At the moment we have just four types of organization lack of more variety could hinder business performance.
    • Takes time to ascertain a new business.
    • Experienced workers could possibly be difficult to find since new products happen to be introduced.


    • May grow fast in industry if there is organization of discounts happen.
    • Rising require could guarantee better growth and deals variety can be ensured.
    • Growing organization to attract buyers to make even more deals and versatility of recent assets inside the company.
    • Can broaden into new segment of markets.
    • Could cover a large area with significantly less complications.
    • Can increase showcase of properties to attract more customers.


    • Stiff competition from different property dealers offering similar accessibility and benefits.
    • Slower industry growth might be a conflict for us to make income at the beginning rely as exposure to possible a business.
    • Improving the coffee quality and legality the app might take time and this might result in a loss in market share.
    • Rising volume of competition in the market.
    • Bargaining power of customers or dealers can be increasing.
    • Threat to be shut down the availability.


    Before setting up a budget, the rational and logical applications are required, so that the budget could possibly be utilized properly. But in the case of a loss or any kind of damage, a back-up plan is prepared and i also. e., we are able deal with more capital for the business. This will become managed by owner’s personal assets and inherited relatives money. Unplanned business can have a devastating effect on business of any size. Crisis such as IT system failure or poor connection to the internet might create it difficult to handle normal each day activities. In worst cases, important consumers could be dropped as they might neglect the app completely and this can put the business in jeopardy. It might happen that the cellular phone markets may well experience a downfall in a point of your energy. If that happens, it could impact our application because the software and cellular phone sort of complement each other. However , effective contingency planning enables a business to take steps to minimize the potential effects of a disaster or probably entrance of your rival. There are plenty of factors that could also affect a business of any size, factors including economics, politic, finance, consumer bottom, and tendencies. To become a achievement in the business globe many hurdles will be there to stop the growth of organization. With appropriate planning and exit strategy before entering the business world can lessen the impact of a unexpected fall of market. Simply by identifying foreseeable future risk plus the level of risk will be tracked, monitored and reported through the lifecycle with the business.

    A “List of Risk” will be managed by us and will be reported as a element of the business status reporting the task for our business.

    All business risk will be analyzed for his or her possible effect to the business and therefore Managing will be informed for upcoming risk.


    Major Current and Upcoming Market Tendencies Identification

    Market trends

    In the current time people always seek out activities which can be less time consuming and they are eager to try out new items in order to make their very own work basic effective. Each of our application is advanced, very easily usable, and user friendly. Essential we believe, each of our customers that will use each of our application choose to access more which is hassle-free for customers.

    Long term Market styles

    Our future program is to broaden our market all over Bangladesh and wide open new facilities over different cities simply by getting information regarding service’s require and also increase our relationship while using customers by providing them with additional facilities like discounts, totally free offers etc .

    Major Competition Identification

    Since our company is new available in the market, there is no seriously any existing competitor in Bangladesh like modern Local rental services, Bhara hobe and so forth We are the first in line to come up with various services in Bangladesh industry. But as we know that it is an open up market, anyone can type in this market together with the same idea and start their own business. Regardless if we have competitors in the future, we are one step ahead when it comes to quality, value, and satisfaction of providers. Through each of our uniqueness we are able to receive consumer’s attention. Since our method new on the market, our expected market share will probably be, for instance, 10 deals completed daily and later on all of us expect to attain higher business.

    Market Positioning

    Each of our main goal is to make peoples lifestyle easier and that we ensure that our product is going to do well. Even as are the new company in Bangladesh with a completely new thought and new service each of our position in the consumer’s head will be a bit difficult. According to the marketing strategy we will enter to the market with the placement of internet marketing. Our target is to reach to our goal area within just 5 years. According to the projection all of us will capture:

    35% in the target market talk about within a couple of years 60% of the target market reveal within 4 years

    many of these of the target market share inside 5 years or more.


    Factors affecting Organization Environments

    We are formed with the vision to make Bangladesh digital and inspire people to make use of more on the net services and become friendly for the technology. We are aiming to bring useful and quality services at a minimum price for commercial and noncommercial purpose. To create our companies to the market we have carried out the PESTEL Analysis pertaining to our market.


    Political environment includes new legislation such as minimum income and duty rates while VAT or perhaps corporation duty. New political election of government will come up with new regulations which can affect the volume of tax our small business to pay out.


    As our target customers’ age range is usually 20-60 years that means they are all almost monetarily stable. In addition, we are aimed towards adults whom likely to have got homes. Support charge is not that high to ensure that Customers don’t have to save want to get the services. Below 12-15, 000 takas is product’s price in order that it can be easily bought.


    Social and ethnic factors include trend, vogue, style, demographic factors. From time to time people’s tastes changes along with the trends, Persons now operate for more on-line services than before as having less time and easy. With the increase in social media, tracking social tendencies is now less difficult. So in the event that any buyer deals and posts it can help us indirect marketing which has a chance of huge sales.


    As technological environment is growing rapidly, we chose our source of marketing just like Facebook and other social networking sites. But since for any purpose government?uvre due to selected issues it will eventually harm each of our promotion. Also technological improvements in terms of machinery will help all of us increase productivity in terms of production.


    Environmental factors include climate change, climatic change and climate. So , all of us ensure our clients to receive solar panel added homes pertaining to living and in addition for business.


    Taking into consideration legal elements is a main priority for our business. Legal factors consist of safety issue, renter regulations, etc . Keeping all the legal laws and legislation being a priority all of us will function our business accordingly to prevent future disruption for the business.

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