Animal senses compared to human feelings essay

Through analysis I discovered that you have animals which may have senses that by far go beyond our five human sensory faculties. One of the pets or animals would be the baseball bat that we talked about in the lecture. Bats avoid obstacles and nab insects on the wing by emitting ultrasonic squeaks and interpreting the replicate the sound ocean make after bouncing off objects in the environment. This is called “echolocation,  nevertheless bats usually are the only pets that use echolocation. Dolphins also use echolocation to navigate themselves in murky water.


Sharks were discussed in the lecture. Sharks include special cells in their minds that are delicate to the electrical fields various other creatures generate. This ability is so processed in some sharks that they can discover fish covering under crushed stone by the poor electric signals their twitching muscles give off. They decide on any electric powered signal around them and even the weakest of electrical pulses give them reasons to investigate if perhaps its foodstuff or not really. There are a few pets or animals that we did not speak about in the lecture that have feelings that significantly exceed our very own.

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For example Boa constrictors (large snake) include Temperature-sensitive organs located between your eyes and nostrils of boas and pit vipers allow the snakes to impression the body heat of their food. There is 1 located on either side of the snakes’ head, therefore the animals can easily perceive depth and strike with fatal accuracy also in total darkness. Dogs in general also have another sense that is similar in a way to ours. Snakes have a forked tongue that is used to sniff the surroundings. Snakes use all their tongues to gather particles wafting in the air.

The coated tongue is then dropped into unique pits in the roofs with the snake’s mouth area, called Jacobson’s organs. There, the smells get processed and translated into electrical signals that are sent to the mind. Humans make use of their eyes to see their very own surroundings but the object in front of them is refined almost like each of our eyes require a picture and send the image to the head they can identify the object. The last one would become the Migratory birds. Chickens that move can use the Earth’s magnet field to remain their study course during extended flights.

Experts still usually are sure the way they do it, yet one recent study implies birds may have a form of synesthesia (a symptom in which one perception (for model, hearing) can be simultaneously regarded as if by simply one or more further senses such as sight) that lets these people “see the planet’s permanent magnet lines since patterns of color or perhaps light that may be overlaid on their visual environment. Humans must rely on familiar landmarks or maybe the sun’s placement to locate north, and there are a whole lot of individuals that can barely manage to do that.


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