We are forced as Christians to persevere in life if we face a situation that will make us suffer; this is due to Christ commanded us to do this. In the bible perseverance is just about the values that Christians must have and practice all the time. Jesus Christ set a good example if he was on this earth relating to suffering like a Christian. Today so many Christians go through a lot of trials and suffering nevertheless the result is they are always stressing.


This is as opposed to what each of our Lord showed us on this globe.

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Jesus enduring was predicted by the telepathist Isaiah in the earlier times and in Isaiah 53: 3 he says ‘He was despised and rejected by males, a man of sorrows, and familiar with enduring. Like 1 from to whom men hide their confronts he was despised, and we famous him certainly not. ‘ The size of human beings is that we are constantly weak and tend to wish to avoid struggling if we may.

This however can be not sensible in a Christian life because just like Christ we simply cannot avoid enduring.

We tend to back off from each of the situations adjacent suffering and forget that what was expected about Christ by Isaiah, the telepathist really found pass after as is written in the book of mark 14: 1-9. Through this passage Jesus was about that must be taken for crucifixion and regardless of this this individual continues to perform His miracles and healings. From this particular passageway Jesus rebukes the Pharisees that no matter the poor girl did simply by pouring the Alabaster olive oil on his brain was to be remembered throughout the spread of the gospel following he went to heaven (Mark 16: 8, 9)

Thomas Keating in his book Foundation for centering plea and the Christian contemplative existence admonishes the Christians to be ready to go through just like Jesus did. He draws all of us to the sufferings Christ went through in his highway to crucifixion. He says that did not just affect some individuals but the entire humanity. He says that as it’s a universal issue most of us must hold a message of humanity for the most profound kind, remembering to pray and avoid being overly enthusiastic by anger, grief and retaliatory thoughts. We are all one body in Christ and that we need to bring together and persevere whenever there exists suffering.

The example Christ gave if he underwent the trials and sufferings just before his loss of life on the combination should be very practical in a Christian life. Egan in his book John within the Cross gives a feel that we is going to take our sufferings just as Jesus Christ persevered in is method to Crucifixion. References: Keating, T. (2007) Foundation to get centering prayer and the Christian contemplative your life, New York: Entier. Laird, Meters. (2006) Into the silent land: A guide to the Christian practice of contemplation, Oxford School Press. The bible: New International Type


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