We all live in a really conflicted world today. Huge amounts of people stay in poverty, and war is known as a reality for all. However , there exists still optimism freedom and a decent standard of living for all people. The American soldiers are the people accountable for protecting and promoting these ideals.

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When they don’t make the professional military decisions, it’s their very own loyalty and dedication towards spreading and protecting democracy and liberty that gives these people the ability to do their job exceedingly well. One of the first issues that make the American troops so good for their careers is all their belief in the united states. Soldiers are a few of the most patriotic Americans since they believe and so strongly in American beliefs.

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I think that becoming a soldier and fighting for your region truly enables you to fully comprehend what your region is all about. American soldiers appreciate and have confidence in America, and this drives them to do their job and if necessary, perish for their country. The United States of America is the world’s leading superpower, so just why should we care about the people all over the world?

It is because we now have a moral obligation to never only safeguard ourselves, but for help guard innocent people around the globe by evil and tyranny. Is it doesn’t responsibility of the American military to fight for justice and keep wicked from harming our world. Total, they are preventing to keep tranquility, whether it’s defending a great attack or eliminating a threat. In 2003, employees of Time Publication did something that they had never done just before. They didn’t give the ‘Person of The Year’ award into a single person, but instead to a entire group of people, the most popular American troops.

I understand so why they made that decision. The American military are dedicated to protecting America and making the world a better place. They believe so strongly in every area of your life, liberty, and the pursuit of joy that they will expire fighting for these ideals.

This dedication for their country and beliefs enables them to play a key role in making a better future to get humanity.

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