diabetes self management exercise and nutrition


Nourishment, Smoking Cessation, Self Assessment, Proposal

Excerpt from Analysis Proposal:

Diabetes Self-Management: Exercise and Nutrition

The Diabetes Association reports that this has been “well documented that the average person whom goes through a diabetes educational program decreases A1C amounts by 1 and a half percentage points. inches (2011) Actually the average person that goes through this software is able to reduce their A1C levels “by 2 details. ” (Diabetes Association, 2011)

The purpose of this study is usually to ascertain the potency of the Diabetes Self-Management for the individual having a focus on physical exercise and nourishment.

The research research proposed thus has as the primary objective and aim to conduct an investigation study on a sampling of individuals with diabetes in order to analyze the effectiveness of the Diabetes Self-Management initiative with a focus on workout and nutrition.


The proposed strategy for the research study suggested is certainly one of a qualitative nature which will firstly carry out a review of literary works on this area of study which will secondly perform interviews among patients with diabetes next an educational course in self-management of diabetes through focusing on nutrition and physical exercise.

Initial Report on Literature

The Diabetes Relationship Self-Management Education Program requires three steps the following:

(1) The first step is a one-hour visit with the nurse or dietician diabetes educator. This kind of visit requires the louage of a complete assessment in the patients’ requirements and begins the educational method.

(2) Second step is a full day course and described as a “comprehensive seven-hour training course covering the basics of diabetes care as well as the prevention of complications. ” (Diabetes Supervision Association, 2011) Included happen to be general diet guidelines, carbohydrate counting, packaging reading, and tips for dining out.

(3) The next step is a second one-hour visit with the registered dietician who also assists in helping the individual help to make adjustments with their individualized meals plan. (Diabetes Management Affiliation, 2011)

The task of Christensen, Steiner, and Whalen (2000 ) titled “Contribution of Medical Nutrition Therapy and Diabetes Self-Management Education to Control Diabetes Control as Examined by Hemoglobin A1c” reports that diabetes “is seen as a insulin deficiency, lack of insulin production, and resistance to insulin. Lack of glycemic control leads to hyperglycemia and is associated with a variety of serious issues, including retinopathy, nephropathy, damaged nerves, and heart problems. “

Influencing diabetes self-management are elements of “personal motivation, support, continuity of care, and understanding of foods. ” (Christensen

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