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Segregation, denial of voting privileges, and systemic terrorization had been part of the everyday activities of many African-Americans. Following the Civil Rights Activity, African-Americans got the same rights as other Americans. The years following the Civil Rights Activity have seen those legal rights bloom into genuine rights. In approximately 50 years, the United States moved from a rustic that was sharply divided along racial lines, to a country in which the most powerfulk members of the President’s cabinet are African-Americans. Furthermore, the wealthiest, and maybe most powerfulk, entertainer, Oprah, is an African-American.

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While there is usually some surface area validity towards the idea that American policy is dominated by a power top-notch, there is a lot of evidence that contradicts the concept of a true electrical power elite. Initial, there has been a significant revolution in American culture in the last 5 decades. The country moved from a nearly apartheid-like system of segregation into a government exactly where members of formerly disenfranchised minority groupings are in positions of power in corporations, mass media, and federal government. The highest govt position, the Presidency, offers repeatedly been occupied simply by men who were not only outside the power top-notch, but who were frequently pushing agendas that threatened the concept of a electric power elite. Finally, the richest man in America did not come from the power elite, did not become wealthy through traditional programs, and positively channels most of his prosperity to people away from any meant power high level.

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