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Exterior connection system. Transport Hub. To be able to allow The Eye to contact Earth, we must build a Transportation Hub wherever both cargo and man transportation spacecrafts can dock or berth. The Hub has to be external to the main structure due to security factors, such as protecting against perilous accident. Moreover, Travel Hub will not spin alongside the rest of the space settlement, produce easier the docking of space shuttles. Thus, it is connected to the exterior cylinder through a tunnel that passes through the middle of the translucent shield. In its sides, will be situated two docking details for human transportation spacecrafts, while on the top of the hub are located the berthing and docking factors for shipment spaceships. The berthing and docking systems are similar to all those used on ISS.

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Lighting Since mankind’s dawn, mild and its versions have essentially influenced humans” lives, and possess controlled all their biological lighting, therefore which represents an essential requirement for every person. Besides, in the modern world, light definitely boosts one’s work and represents a 48 great psychological factor regarding a person’s state of mind. Around the Iris, we are able to undoubtedly utilize sunlight in order to illuminate the inside of our spacecraft, and to make a daynight routine. Although the get of sun light in order to change sunlight in to the space negotiation involves a fairly complicated procedure, this decision has enormous advantages. For example, daylight environments increase resident productivity and comfort, and supply the mental and image stimulation essential to regulate man circadian tempos, and bring about substantial strength savings. [28]

The lighting system is created from giant external plane showcases and inner spherical mirrors. The external ones, positioned around the basics of the outer cylinder, and mobile, deflect the sunlight into the spacecraft throughout the two optically transparent shields. Subsequently, a fraction of the light is dispersed by the spherical mirrors placed in the gardening area, even though the rest of light passes through the reinforced smart glass wall membrane and your industrial and residential areas. There, the sunshine is also existing by spherical mirrors.

Apart from its protection role, the translucent shields (whose structure was presented in Section 2 . 5), also have illumination functions due to its intelligent glass coating. By using nanotechnology, this part is able to modify its visibility, ranging from fully to 0% (total opacity). This way, we can easily create a day-night cycle inside the Iris, just like on Earth. The smart glass wall structure, by using the same system, enables the brightness system of the central region not to become dependent on the agricultural area’s one. Hence, in the farming area, daylight is considerably longer than night time, in order to improve the crop developing productivity. Inside the central area, daytime is roughly equal to night-time, and slightly changes during the year.

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