George and Lennie in “Of Men and Mice” Essay


George and Lennie would be the two key characters from this book. They are after the other person and stay together. I believe that that itself is quite strange because they are both completely the opposite to one another.

Lennie is incredibly dependant on George and likely wouldn’t have the ability to survive with out him; he certainly wouldn’t be able to get him self out of trouble. Nevertheless George is more Independent than Lennie. George is also quite bossy, such as a parent but is accountable and functional too. This individual acts like a parent to Lennie occasionally: “Lennie!

Lennie for Gods sake don’t drink a great deal. ” He often tells Lennie how to proceed like this case. But he is forced to as a result of Lennie kid like behavior and perception. Lennie a lot in his activities and words and phrases reflects the personality of your young child. This really is sometimes quite admiring and amusing, “You drink a few Lennie, take a good big drink” this individual smiled gladly. ” He’s also referred to in a way that a young child would be, by saying, “he smiled happily” Even though Lennie annoys George, George continue to cares for Lennie.

An example of this is when George alerts Lennie about drinking the. This as well reflects his intelligence. Which will he certainly seems the moment he’s explained with Lennie because Lennie really does absence intelligence.

Lennie ignores the warning demonstrating his shortage in common sense. We find out that George is somewhat short tempered by two incidents. You are when he talks about the tour bus driver providing them with the wrong info. “We can just as well of rode obvious to the farm of that hooligan bus drivers knew what he was talkin’ about” He’s quite irritating in this affirmation and we can tell that he can angry. Because he is already furious about this this individual snaps for Lennie.

He talks about just how much better off he would have been in the event he didn’t have Lennie with him and in my estimation he saws some quite harsh points, “You crazy son of the bitch you keep me in hot water all the time. ” He seems established to injure Lennie with this paragraph if he talks such as this to him. Particularly in this part of the account, you’re required to feel compassion for Lennie and feel that George is a ‘bad guy’. But we all also find Georges nurturing side again when he sees’s Lennies anguished face and he is ashamed of himself. I believe George is a compassionate person though. Because he still cares for Lennie and sticks by simply him helping him out of difficulty by decision.

Lennie can be purposely pictured in a kid like fashion. You can inform by his tone of voice, the points he says, the way in which he’s referred to and his activities. “Lennie who had been watching imitated George exactly” “Where all of us goin’, George” “Ain’t anything in my pocket George, genuine. ” Lennnie imitates George quite a lot, he looks up to George and trusts him. He attempts to obey George and efforts really hard to remember what George tells him.

He requires questions just like a child frequently. And he tries to work clever within a child just like way. Lennie also has a child’s creativeness too; He can also interested in petting things because of his child just like gentle characteristics. “Let’s will vary coloured rabbits, George” this individual makes foolish comments like this as well.

George doesn’t seriously trust Lennie. Not since he’s a bad person yet because he’s forgetful besides making silly mistakes which bring about big trouble. Lennies ignorance, need of understanding and strength causes him to unknowingly produce these faults.

We know that he’s forgetful as they doesn’t keep in mind where he will go and has to do it again things repeatedly to advise himself. We all also know that George doesn’t trust him because he doesn’t let him continue to keep his own workers ticket. Both persons think of the dream in various ways, Lennie thinks about this in a very idiotic dreamy method, and as you’d expect, George thinks practically and really about this.

And when he realises he’s being unrealistic he stops himself: “-Nuts” I think this shows that this individual doesn’t receive his hopes up way too high and that he can be described as down to earth person. George can be described as planner, this individual likes to end up being organised and know what’s happening. He plans and tells Lennie where to go if perhaps there’s difficulty at the farm.

George and Lennie are very different people but they both advantage and prefer the companionship that they share. “But not us! Because…because I obtained you to care for me, and also you got myself to look after you and that’s why”

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