the dnepropetrovsk maniacs essay


One of the two friends were killed, the other managed to escape” (Versii). Thirteen more murders implemented, often with multiple body found in a similar day. Two victims had been found daily from July 14 throughout the 16 (“Lowlifes planned forty murders”) The three suspects were arrested on July 3, 2007. Igor Suprunyuck attempted to sell a mobile phone that they had stolen from one of their subjects at the regional pawn store. When that phone was turned on showing that it worked, its site was monitored by law enforcement agents.

Igor Suprunyuck and Viktor Sayenko were busted in the pawn shop (Katsman).

Alexander Hanzha was imprisoned at home, reportedly managing to flush different stolen cell phones down the toilet. The cell phones were retrieved, but all the details on them was lost (GlavRed). They were incurred with twenty nine separate occurrences, including 21 murders and 8 even more attacks where victims made it. Suprunyuck was charged with 27 in the cases, Sayenko was charged with 25, and Hanzha with is important of informed robbery (Kommersant).

Number one ally three confessed quickly, Suprunyuck later withdrew his admission. Suprunyuck’s unique defense awyer dropped out of the case following reportedly staying disappointed in failing to have a plea of insanity recognized by his client (Segodyna). “On Feb 11, 2009, the court in Dnepropetrovsk found Igor Suprunyuck and Viktor Sayenko guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced alive imprisonment. Alexander Hanzha, who was found doing robbery and sentenced to nine years in prison (Olinikova). Hanzha said of Suprunyuck and Sayenko: “If I had regarded the atrocities that they had been capable of commiting, I would personally have not eliminated near these people at gunpoint (“Dnepropetrovsk serial killers sentenced to life imprisonment”).

The parents of Igor Suprunyuck and Viktor Sayenko repeated their perception in the chasteness of their sons. The parents of Suprunyuck and Sayenko as well argued that the sentence of Alexander Hanzha had been as well lenient (Segondnya). From what i’ve go through, the murderers didn’t possess a specific motive. “Local multimedia reported that the killers a new plan to get rich through the murder movies that they noted. One of the suspects’ girlfriends reported that they were planning to make forty video tutorials of individual murders.

It was corroborated by suspects’ ex – classmates, who claimed that he typically heard Suprunyuck was in exposure to an unknown “rich foreign internet site creator” who also ordered fourty snuff video tutorials, and might pay a sizable sum of money after they were made” (“Lowlifes designed 40 murders”). Regional secureness chief, Ivan Stupak, declined the claim which the murders have been committed to produce internet snuff videos, saying no data had arrive to the lumination during the exploration that supported the claim (Segodnya).

Detective Bogdan Vlasenko stated: “We think they were doing it as a hobby, to possess a collection of recollections when they acquire old (Segodnya). Deputy interior minister, Nikolay Kupyanskiy, left a comment “For these types of young men, murder was like entertainment or hunting (“Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs captured! “). “At the trial, that emerged that Suprunyuck experienced collected magazine cuttings regarding the case” (Segodnya). “Some of the photos of the criminal offenses had captions added, which includes “The poor must expire. The strongest will overcome (Segodnya). The suspects’ mobile phones and personal computer systems contained multiple video recordings of the murders taking place. A single full video was leaked out on the net, showing the murder of 48-year-old Sergei Yatzenko. He could be seen resting on his last a wooded area, and is also struck repeatedly in the face having a hammer held inside a plastic-type bag. One of many attackers stabs Yatzenko in the eyes with a electric screwdriver, and also stabs him inside the abdomen while using screwdriver. Yatzenko is then struck with the sludge hammer in order to make certain that he is deceased.

The assault lasts above four minutes, during which the victim interstice in and out of consciousness. Among the murderers can be smiling towards camera during the video” (“Shocking Murder Online video Makes Rounds on the Internet”). Personally we have seen the video and I want I could take back every minute of computer. The suspects were also present in possession of multiple photographs displaying them participating in funerals with the victims. They might be seen smiling and “flipping off” the coffins and gravestones (“Killers captured death of patients on online video (with tv set news video)”).

The photo taking and online video evidence was shown in court upon October twenty nine, 2008, as part of a larger business presentation of above 300 photographs and two videos (Leontieva). In conclusion, my opinion on the murders is that they had been horrible. Generally there had to be some thing mentally wrong with all of them. No one can make a move like that and not have any sort of sympathy, with no something becoming wrong with them. The Dnepropetrovsk Fanatic murders happen to be some of the most severe killings within the last 100 years.


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