At the current time maqui berry farmers are facing difficult trading conditions as a result of a number of factors including Low prices of dairy products product, Improved input costs and Dried weather conditions. The task appears to be greatest for those farming businesses with high financial debt levels. This can be further compounded where dropping land beliefs have decreased the collateral of that farm building business, and a reduction in to be able to service personal debt with earnings from the reduced milk selling price.

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Actually the provision of adequate and safe foodstuff is a fundamental economic activity in any culture. This statement reminds us the safety of dairy goods is actually a potential difficulty that needed to be emphasized. Since the instances occurs in China in before, 2008 Chinese milk scandal. It was a popular food safety incident in China. The scandal involved milk and infant formulation along with other meals materials and components being adulterated with melamine. About 3 000 000 patient suffer with this and regrettably, six infants died from kidney stones and also other kidney destruction and an estimated 54, 500 babies had been hospitalized. This kind of incident have got absolutely effect the comfortable of consumer toward the dairy merchandise.

Besides, lack of skills and teaching is also among the problems in dairy market. In 1980s, smallholders had been completely new to loves husbandry management. One of the many constraints of developing the dairy sector was inadequate training offered to maqui berry farmers. The shortage of trained manpower at all amounts lead to poor hygiene and milking methods, resulting in the rejection of milk simply by MCCs (Dijkman, 1992). The case will be more evident in especially third world countries such as The african continent.

Possible solutions to tackle the issues

Practical solutions regularly involve taking there are points we are unable to control and changing the things we can. Though the weather is not manipulated, but the insight cost is actually controlled. To reduce the type costs, dairy industry will certainly build creation and reliability through union, modernization, and specialization. Throughout the world exchange will be an essential factor impacting benefit, and larger dairy homesteads will keep about making more prominent using robotization to decrease costs. Enhancements in genetic choice can prompt dairy cows lines that are more advantageous, deliver milk all the more proficiently, and therefore are more condition and friendliness safe.

Next to avoid the milk product value goes to lacking price level, a similar concept with the bare minimum wages regulations should be executed. However , to make sure the health of economic situation, we also have to prevent deadweight loss take place. A deadweight loss known as excess burden or allocative inefficiency. Require or supply surplus actually demand and supply is not an expected trends. Based on the past studies and observation within the field, we feel that training farmers upon adopting a suitable feed formula regime should be priority concerning establish a baseline indicator for the issues regarding feed. A training program enables to strengthen individuals skills that each farmer has to improve. A development system brings all farmers to the next level thus they all possess similar skills and understanding as other folks coutries.

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