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Battered Woman, Law enforcement officials Corruption, Criminal Investigation, Community Policing

Excerpt from ‘Discussion and Results’ chapter:

evidence, it seems like possible that a great altercation happened between the couple and the a pair of them are ‘covering’ up this kind of incident. Ideally, a investigator with expertise in domestic violence situations should be in charge of the investigation. Separate officers should interview both the wife and partner before the couple has a opportunity to ‘get their reports straight, ‘ and take note any inconsistencies between the two accounts. The other officials involved should certainly attempt to rule out any other possible explanations pertaining to the accidental injuries, eliminating the possibility that a so-called burglary did occur. The patrol officer who has set up a rapport with the children should obviously be a presence during the interview process, given that children may be notoriously difficult interview topics and it is helpful to have a comforting physique to support all of them. Interviewed on their own, the children could possibly be more future than possibly parent about the details in the husband’s strike on the better half. However , considering the fact that the patrol officer can be not of higher rank nor experienced in interviewing possibly minors or perhaps individuals associated with high-profile cases as an experienced investigator from this field, this individual should not perform the interrogations alone. Another concern with regards to interviewing kids is the legal limitations positioned upon interrogations. No claims categorically prohibit the interrogation of those under 18 without a parent or guardian present. Nevertheless , some says do stop the interrogation of children unless of course the children talk to their father and mother first (Coppolo 2000).

Domestic violence instances often present frustrating psychological features for officers, provided that the most trusted witness (the victim) is normally unwilling to choose in her husband, pertaining to fear of consequences or a false feeling that he is demonstrating his ‘affection’ for her if he hurts her. The mindset of the battered wife is definitely one reason why officers experienced in dealing with these kinds of issues should be placed in fee of the case. As well, for women who wish to leave nevertheless fear they cannot do so since they have ‘nowhere to go, ‘ the officials should be aware of social support such as battered women’s animal shelters and other ways the partner can think safe and guarded – and thus more comfortable regarding revealing the truth about her spouse.


Coppolo, G. (2000). Interrogation of minors. Gathered:


Development of law enforcement organizations

Authorities organizations had been described as particularly intransigent and unable to alter similar to additional large, Weberian bureaucratic entities. According to Jones (2008) one of the determining features of modern policing can be complexity. The creation in the modern police force as a great antidote to corruption and graft hasn’t always been beneficial, given that it has often ended in the solitude of the law enforcement from the community the police are meant to serve. Nevertheless , unlike different bureaucratic agencies in the govt, there is a limit to the extent to which law enforcement can disregard the public is going to, given the intimate nature of their connections with the general public on a daily basis. Due to their associations with the public since enforcers, law enforcement have frequently been afflicted by vociferous criticism when they have been completely perceived as overstepping their restrictions or mistreating their electrical power. Community policing and decentralizing of expert has been a method in which police have been brought back to the origins of community service and therefore are encouraged to take an interest inside the specific demographic needs and challenges of constitutents.

The shift to community policing is often conceptualized in a remarkably linear, top-down fashion. However , in the actuality of policing, the move is almost never so nice and soft. “Many general public managers have got a false impression that the future is clear, steady, and predictable. The nature of change and the method of law enforcement officials work done under community policing makes the upcoming unpredictable due to intricate interdependencies amongst the anatomy’s agents” (Jones 2008: 446). Ultimately, rather than focus upon centralized, TQM (total top quality management) principles, community policing functions best lawn mowers of which individual agents get autonomy and may work to address the requirements of the community in a more extremely specified style. “Imposing straight order on the change procedure will generate a percieved resistance to alter amongst the organizational agents” (Jones 2008: 448). Although community policing could be experienced as a profound and uncomfortable alter from previous, professional models of policing, if the representatives feel like they are instrumental in orchestrating the change and their input in

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