Thought and Language: A Mirror of One’s Rationality Essay


Lev Vygotsky was a Soviet psychologist who have developed the genetic method to the development of concepts in early childhood and youth. Specifically, he identified the hyperlink between thought and the meaning of words. In his analyze, he followed the move through a number of stages in human advancement, based on the development of a child’s social practice.

He was capable of develop any in this matter through his readings in linguistics, sociology, psychology, idea and the artistry. His college student days on the University of Moscow paved the way for his determination to exhibit the relationship between thought and language. Phrase meaning, to get Vygotsky, is known as a manifestation with the unification of thought and speech. “A word would not refer to an individual object but to a group as well as to a class of objects” (Kozulin, 1986). One particular cannot distinct meaning via a word and so, it goes in the realm of language as much as in the realm of thought. Conversation is a ways of communication or perhaps social love-making and at the same time costly intentional means of expressing one’s thought to other folks.

Hence, that cannot be used independently by thought.  Vygotsky also manufactured an in-depth study of Jean Piaget’s work. Piaget is popular of his clinical method of exploring children’s ideas specifically their understanding and reasoning (Kozulin, 1986).

He approached the subject by simply asking the objective interrelatedness of all of the characteristics characteristics of child thinking he noticed. Piaget firmly believes that they can be unified and he was able to prove this kind of through the egocentrism of the child’s thinking. In the event placed in a spectrum, it really is located between autistic and directed believed.

The former is individualistic and obeys a collection of special laws and regulations of its own while the second option is more cultural, conscious (pursues aims that are present in your brain of a thinker) and intelligent (adapted to reality and strives to influence it) (Kozulin, 1986). Based on this egocentric thought is a mix of both. It is a satisfaction of private needs nevertheless includes mental adaptation.

 Hence, autism is viewed as the original or earliest kind of thought when logic looks relatively late. The egocentric thought, intended for Piaget, is the link between both of these forms. Cavy language and intelligence develop along distinct lines and does not have a correlation between them (Kozulin, 1986).

Yerkes used chimpanzees because of their likeness with their intellect to human beings. Yet , he was capable of see that close correspondence between thought and speech is usually absent in them. That which was remarkable in the study of thought and language in chimpanzees, a pre-linguistic phase and a pre-intellectual phase was evidently discernible.

 In relation to your child, Vygotsky was able to conclude that thought and talk have different roots during their ontogenetic development (Kozulin, 1986). A young child also possesses a pre-intellectual stage in the speech creation process when pre-linguistic level exists in the thought creation. A certain point in time, both believed and terminology will follow diverse lines, separately of each different (Kozulin, 1986). Both capabilities then meet wherein thought becomes mental and presentation as realistic.           � Looking at the existing research on believed and terminology, Vygotsky surely could see that a meaning of your word is known as a fusion of thought and language.

A single cannot easily dissect a meaning of any word – whether it is a phenomenon of speech or a phenomenon of thought (Kozulin, 1986). This kind of only demonstrates that believed and language are related. Word meanings are also identified to be powerful and a manifestation of this is the development of a child. This is of words change because the child expands and with the various ways in which thought functions. According to Vygotsky, the relation of thought to word can be not a thing nevertheless a process, a continuous movement back and forth from thought to term and from word to thought (Kozulin, 1986).

Thought is not just portrayed into words and phrases, rather, it comes in existence through them. It establishes relationships between points.           � Based on the considerable study performed by Vygotsky, social connection plays a significant role in the development of a child’s believed and conversation. A child acquires the meaning of words throughout his expansion through his encounters together with his family, friends, relatives great environment because whole.

In the beginning, the child may well acquire the meaning of words and phrases through observation or bogus of actions and usage of words. When he develops, he learns that particular words have designated connotations. Bibliography

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