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Fahrenheit 451

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The book “Fahrenheit 451 can be considered as a highly advanced novel that tells regarding the future and just how various factors such as technological developments have experienced an impact around the society (Otten, 1990). The writer observes that folks in the cutting-edge society happen to be lazy and do not read books, spend quality time alone or even think as independent heads and do not possess conversations which can be considered as significant. It is a contemporary society of people that watch too much of television and listen to a lot of car radio which takes up most of their time.

Based upon the landscapes of the publisher, can it be figured technological innovations have had negative effects on human race?

Through the novel, mcdougal depicts a number of themes one is that of censorship. The censorship that is depicted in this book is that upon read of books where books happen to be banned later on (Bloom, 2007). This is led by types of factors such as lack of interest and violence of the persons towards catalogs.

The symbol shown in this new is that of a mirror which is used to portray a sense of having self-realization and understanding. The fire Captain is pictured as a literary expert because of the way the captain flues the fire instead of being one to put it out. The Chief goes despite expectations of the fireman. Picking out those last words is as a result of Beatty standing her ground and daring Montag to take his life by using literature (Hiner, 2001).

The problem with all the leisure principle as offered by Montag is that it is not in existence inside the real world. The people, as portrayed in the novel are engrossed in television viewing and listening to the radio without any top quality information, which can be only inside the books. Right at the end of the new, Bradbury succeeds in building his thought (Bradbury, & Bloom, 2008). This is due to the reason that the concepts and landscapes that this individual puts forwards in the book are still relevant in the modern world despite having written the book several years ago. The current society is usually overflown with technological developments which have improved the considering people about leisure and what needs to be done during leisure, consequently , showing that Bradbury prevailed in adding forward his idea of amusement.

Clarisse is seen as a young and gorgeous seventeen-year outdated girl whom influences Montag and introduces him to a new potential of the world regarding beauty. Clarisse appears as an faithful and curious girl who impacts within the life of Montag. She helps in the set-up in the whole structure of the book because of her odd characters which makes her to be considered as an outcast in the culture. Clarisse loves hiking, asking a lot of questions and also playing, something which the world views as quite unusual habits for the teenager. The happiness depicted through Clarisse and her family which seen as a strange family impact on the landscapes that Montag has on leisure time (Reid, 2000).

To sum up analysis on this novel, you should be observed that the whole idea is that on browsing of catalogs and the adjustments that technological developments include caused inside the society. A single question that you would want to question is that, “Is it feasible to have a world where there are not any books and everything that people depends on is usually technology?  The answer for this question can easily be attained if a studies conducted once again to establish if this can result from real life.


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