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Using Technology in Diabetes Management HealthCare in Long term Healthcare Establishments

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The long lasting care features most often manage the aging population in the society. This group has a low immune system that predisposes those to various diseases. Diabetes is prevalent among the list of aging population, which results in all their commitment to long-term attention. The complexity of treatment and care for the diabetic patients is often exponentially boosted by comorbidity that is a common characteristic of such individuals (Munshi ou al., 2016). The aging masse in the long-term facilities have a higher risk of contracting hypoglycemia, and hence this must be a factor to consider when establishing glycemic desired goals. The following study proposes a computerized diabetes management system, which usually captures all clinical info and converts it in clinical actions. The data works extremely well in improving diabetes treatment and medical outcome between patients in long-term proper care facilities.

Literary works Review

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes features greatly elevated in America in the recent past. The study dedicated to the elderly as the utmost affected persons. Surprisingly, it absolutely was found that people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 2 above the regarding 65year was six moments more than afflicted among the populace aged listed below 24 years. Multiple studies have suggested that diabetes in long-term care services ranges between 25% and 34% (Munshi et approach., 2016). The rising prevalence of diabetes among the seniors poses a substantial economic stress on the employ economy because money is channeled for treatment of the older. Further research has attributed the prevalence to physiological alterations related to maturing such as sarcopenia, increased stomach fats, and low-grade pumpiing (Munshi et al., 2016).

The challenge when ever caring for diabetic patients in long term care features relates to the failure for the entire procedure for application of evidence-based management suggestions (Dunning ou al., 2012). Therefore , it is important to change the whole approach to care delivery among diabetic patients in long-term care services. The health technology has been trusted in all aspects of care scientific and caregiving processes to enhance efficiency and reduce errors both in caregiving and clinical techniques. The digital medical data are a good example of such information about health systems that have been widely accepted all over the American healthcare system (Dunning ou al., 2013). Therefore , we have a need for a healthcare info system designed to the specific needs of diabetic patients in long-term proper care facilities. This will likely ensure that caregivers adhere purely to the evidence-based practices and provide the desired attention to the older suffering from diabetes.

Case Explanation

Patients in long-term care facilities undertake significant physiological changes that predispose them to numerous well being complications. Ultimately, other well being complications harvest in. The scenario complicates the caregiving and diabetes management between these types of people. In a manual system of controlling patient records, the information is definitely stored in data, which can be difficult to access.

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