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Although it was not discovered that there are significant differences in their gender and his/her altruistic behavior, it is vital to note that the respondents’ replies demonstrated that it is not necessarily empathy that is the main requirements that one uses in identifying one’s tendency to become altruistic towards others, but rather, even more about feeling “at a single with the other” (that is definitely, the different person) (Cialdini et. approach., 1997: 483).

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The feeling to be “at 1 with the other” is an important strategy that must be considered in understanding commitment. What the findings showed is that altruism is best assessed not really by the degree of help that one gives to the other, nor the feeling of empathy that is generated in the situation or scenario shown. The concept of oneness is found to be significant with the evaluation of charitable behavior (Maner et. ing., 2002: 1605). In the scenarios mentioned before, which produced the highest and lowest indicate score responses from the two male and female respondents, the sensation of “oneness” is apparent in your car situations, since all respondents experienced positively and negatively intended for the “jumpstart” and “flat tire” scenarios, respectively.

However , the explanation provided about the “jumpstart” scenario as being comparatively ‘safer’ and within the safe place of the surveys takers than the “flat tire” situation, important observations are still necessary in order to ideal assess the reasons why these cases are taken care of immediately positively and (relatively) negatively. Moreover, discovering into the notion of oneness while the main determinant of charitable behavior provides the investigator a better regarding understanding how, through the concept of oneness, altruistic behavior is determined and differentiated among males and females.

It is just by clearly conceptualizing and operationalizing terms relevant to the study of altruism a better measure of assessing commitment, as well as identifying the significance of the relationship between gender and altruistic patterns, can be designed. Unless a clearer definition of altruism may be generated, endeavors to study the partnership between the factors gender and altruistic habit will remain hard to rely on, specifically in theoretical, conceptual, and operational levels.


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Maner, L., C. Riverbero, S, Neuberg, R. Cialdini, S. Brown, and W. Sagarin. (2002). “The effects of perspective accepting motivations intended for helping: even now no evidence for commitment. “

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