Euphiletus’s testimony Essay


1 ) What does Euphiletus’s testimony advise about the roles both men and women were supposed to play in Athenian society in general and within the residence in particular? Girls were described by their tasks as children, wives, and widows, females were strongly supervised and had limited legal and personal rights. Girls were likely to take care of your children in the as well as do home work that was not created by a house maid. Men had been typically the protection of the home, therefore the man would rest on the ground ground in order to behave in the event of a great intrusion or emergency. installment payments on your How do these targets shape the physical geography of home space since revealed inside the overhead opinions of a Ancient greek house?

A lot of women spent a significant slice of their lives segregated within their own sectors, usually within the second floors of the house to limit access to the road. Typically, men’s quarters had been on the initial floor, intended in part of prevent unsupervised meetings among women and men coming from outside the relatives. This notion of men and women living on independent floors emphasized the varying gender tasks in Traditional society, men were the protectors and ladies cared for the kids.

3. Relating to Euphiletus, why do his partner cross the boundaries on this geography? How did this set the stage for his woes? According to Euphiletus, his better half crossed the boundaries of the domestic space’s geography to ensure that she can better take care of her child without having to visit a different floors. It was his idea to place her within the first floor, regardless of the concepts in Traditional culture about protection and keeping the women away from usage of the pavements. This set the stage pertaining to his issues because he gave men the chance to come and seduce his wife.

It could be harder for him to get his wife in the act of cheating if your woman was closer to the door.

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