Ethics Game Dilemma Essay


The Values Game simulations of The Mysterious Rose plus the Cold Ft Dilemmas addresses the following moral issues: The first honest concern is usually regarding a company employee named Gayle Dornier. Gayle has brought unwanted flowers from a mysterious person, many times per week, and this day Gayle has no idea who is sender of the flowers. Receiving a great quantity of bouquets has begun to create her feel uncomfortable. For that reason Gayle is definitely taking the appropriate Chain of Command to discover a possible strategy to the problem.

After speaking to Rian Brown that is the company’s Ethics Officer, I decided that the most important concern was to increase complete in complete confidence during my meeting with Gayle, mainly because her concern seemed to be a very important to her. We also were required to figure out key shareholders who had been directly associated with this case, as well as who’s directly affected. Decision making steps linked to addressing this matter were generally to figure out what the issues are perhaps and to break it into small parts making sure proper research, as well as appropriate facts about the case were identified. The primary issue is to determine if a Sexual Harassment issue exists or certainly not.

The Honest Lens found in addressing this matter was Rights/Responsibilities and the Outcomes Lens. The Rights and Responsibilities Zoom lens is based on the duties that everyone inside our community provides towards the other person, and how we live by simply certain guidelines of ethics, for example , handle other how you would like to always be treated. The Results Lens is based on using the results that we want to accomplished, and create the very best good for the highest number of people. Making sure the company’s reputation can be not affected, as well as the wellness of all get-togethers involved need to be the best outcome.

The Honest Lens is essential in the determination of my final decision; I was fully aware about the individual emotions of all celebrations involved. The Ethical Lens also helped to while using proper final determination was made on justness and information. As Gayle’s Immediate Manager, I feel it can be my responsibility all personnel have beneficial information about operations to protect themselves in any situations of potential harassment.

The Cold Feet simulation of Ethics Video game Dilemma included company analysts Phillip Seas and Nikolai Zubanov. Whom both posted reports, but two diverse results were provided to me. Even so Phillip Oceans have under control information causing elimination of adverse data enclosed inside the reports, the ethical issue in this case relates to integrity and submission of fraudulent details.

There is a decision to make in regards to what should be done whether it is declared an employee has falsified a file. The Honest Lens utilized was Romantic relationship and Status. The Relationship Contact lens is dedicated to processing the systems for an moral organization.

It protects the basic liberties of people. Everyone is entitled to their rights; irrespective of income position everyone is deserving of fair process. The Standing Lens is targeted on exhibiting the virtues which are respected in the community for individuals that are in roles. These types of ethical contacts affected my own decision making that ensured which i was open and honest in all facets of the concern.

The ethical point of view is not always making everyone happy, since it is virtually difficult to make everyone happy. Honest perspective give attention to making the very best decision for the good of all individuals included as well as placing the standard in future situations. These kinds of ethical lenses helped to influence my personal decisions depending on the information that was offered. It allowed me being fair toward all specific concerns as well as a guide offer me while using proper steps to handle the matter.

The ideas of this simulation relates to the workplace. Since the conception of my fresh office half a year ago we certainly have went with out set specifications practices for workers to follow. Persons became frustrated and overwhelm and chosen to leave.

Blessed, a strong Older Management Crew is currently becoming developed to aid my business office transition into new define standards practice. I believe there ought to be standard methods in the places of work by using right ethics, and treat almost all individuals quite. Treating people the same way that you would like you would like to be treated will usually ensure that the appropriate ethics are being used in all situations.

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