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Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology has generated over seven-hundred centers in sixty-five countries (Urban). The church capabilities as a guideline, offering a variety of courses designed to inform the person about Scientology, personal therapies called auditing, designed to eliminate unwanted emotions, habits, and psychosomatic health issues, and purification rundown, a procedure to free one’s self from the harmful effects of medications and harmful toxins (“Scientology: Within a Church of Scientology”).

Controversy over the House of worship of Scientology

While the chapel is recognized for its high-quality celebrity people such as Jeff Cruise, Kirstie Alley, and John Travolta, it has recently been attacked by government agencies, anti-cult groups, and the media as a swindling business and a brainwashing cult. L. Ron Hubbard have been described as the man who resolved the question of the human mind by Church of Scientology, a mental case by the F and hopelessly insane by simply his ex – wife. Since the 1950s the church has come into a series of conflicts with the U. S. Government, such as the FDA, as well as the IRS as well as the previously mentioned F, regarding its status as a religious organization and an assortment of alleged crimes (Urban).

In response Scientologists argue the religion can be described as legitimate activity that has been misconstrued, maligned, and persecuted by media witch-hunters in a McCarthy style vogue. The Cathedral claims this constant beating by press, government and anti-cult teams has created a hostile environment for the church and undermines the actual idea of spiritual freedom (Urban). Scientology areas some of the most crucial legal, political, and honest questions regarding the study of religious beliefs in the modern world.


The many differences between Hubbard’s legend fantastic life possess overshadowed the simple fact that this individual genuinely was obviously a fascinating man. The discord between Scientologists and anti-scientologists over Hubbard’s biography has established two camps: he is possibly the most important individual who ever were living or the planet’s greatest que tiene man. Hubbard did very little to resolve the controversy, continuously inflating his actual accomplishments in a manner that was easy for his critics to puncture. However to packaging him a pure fraudulence is to ignore the complex, captivating, delusional, and visionary features of his character that produced him so compelling to the many thousands who also follow him and the hundreds of thousands who read his work. One would also have to ignore his life’s labor in creating the intricately comprehensive epistemology which has influenced a lot of (Wright).

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