HLM Cruise Lines has been under strong media overview as of late because of our unethical practice of releasing untreated wastewater in the oceans. As the world’s second major cruise business, it should be our duty to protect the oceans upon which all of us sail. Therefore , I would like being released by my current duties in order to research substitute methods of handling the waste produced on our ships.

At the conclusion of my study, a formal report will be provided to you.

Value of this exploration. As the World becomes even more environmentally conscious, there exists a demand the Cruise line market be held responsible for environmentally friendly damage our vessels create. This has induced the federal government to heighten its watch out for violators. An individual of locker federal and local regulations, heavy fines and suspension systems are now standard. The cruise industry features paid much more than $55 million in penalties since 1998 (Friends of the Earth, 2009), which makes this research so important to our organization.

Problem Our Cruise ships create hundreds of thousands of gallons of human sewerage and offer a host of amenities that create pollutants, including dry-cleaning, private pools, hair salons and spas, restaurants, picture processing, and spas. In one week exclusively, our greatest cruise ship, “The Mickey, can easily generate about 1 mil gallons of gray water, 210, 500 gallons of sewage, twenty-five, 000 gallons of oily bilge drinking water, 100 gallons of harmful or toxic waste, and 50 a great deal of garbage and solid waste.

This sewage contains contaminants including feces, bacteria, infections, pathogens, hazardous waste and pharmaceuticals, all of which can be harmful to human into the aquatic lifestyle. (Kline, 2009). (Placeholder1)Our current practice of dumping this untreated waste directly into the ocean is definitely wrecking havoc on the ecological systems from the waters we all travel. Finished Research I’ve already searched the precautionary methods used by other cruise companies.

For example , Celebrity Cruises’ range topping vessel, the Solstice, features a water filtering method to return most black normal water and wastewater to near pristine conditions before it really is dumped back into the marine. Royal Carribbean recently spent $100 , 000, 000 into their fleet to convert their note of wastewater treatment system to the advanced refinement system (Underwood, 2010). These examples displays how far at the rear of the power competition we are. Details Researches in “greener cruise ships have been going on for several years.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY believes that solution analysis might help boost understanding of the quantities of waste produced by cruise liners, impacts of discharges and emissions, and the potential for fresh control solutions. (U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2008) Benefits of the Investigation After having a way to research pertaining to alternative strategies of waste supervision, I i am confident we will be able to apply methods that are significantly less damaging to the environment than our current process.

This will not only advantage the environment, yet also increase our general public image. We must prove that our company is not only concerned about pollution, although also dedicated to preventing this. Conclusion Given the phenomenal progress in our sector and the prospect of increasing affects on the underwater environment, I believe it is each of our duty to keep to look for new, more environmentally friendly ways to deal with our ship’s waste. Producing smart environmental choices can even be economical.

Bear in mind, it is always less expensive and much easier to clean up pollution at the resource. After it includes dispersed throughout the environment, the expenses of cleanup, remediation, and disciplinary service fees are many variation higher. I would really prefer to begin your research one week from now on Thursday, Summer 28, 2013. Please advise me in the approval and disapproval status by Thursday, June twenty three. I may always be reached simply by telephone in (0310) 777-9311 or by simply email in [email, protected] com. Many thanks.

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