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Utilitarianism Theory


  1. versus. Latimer Overview

The case study is all about Mr. Latimer and the activities he performed in the name of ending the discomfort and torture that Tracy, his twelve-year daughter, was going through. Tracy suffered from Desapasionado Palsy; it had been due to this that Tracy was quadriplegic. She was not capable of do anything onto her own and thus used to rely on other people to get assistance. Feeding herself was difficult; consequently, it was the family’s responsibility to ensure that their daughter did not sleep famished.

Ever since your woman was born, Tracy had gone through two surgical treatments, which relating to Mister. Latimer got caused even more pain with her than before. When Mr. Latimer was told that His daughter was going to undergo an additional surgery, he was not comfortable with this thought since it intended even more pain for Tracy. It was for that reason that Mr. Latimer decided to end his daughter’s life by revealing her to carbon monoxide.

Later on Mr. Latimer revealed to eradicating his girl and it absolutely was because of this that he was charged of second degree tough and issued a 10-year jail term, which was in accordance with the Felony code.


I think, Mr. Latimer was morally right if he decided to end his young one’s life. As he was the parent, he knew exactly the pain that Tracy was going through. Latimer knew the surgeries that his girl was being exposed to were doing her even more harm than good. The reason is , she was only a twelve-year outdated and such aches and pains were intolerable. It is evident that Latimer loved his daughter; this is because he allowed two surgical treatments to be performed on her. Mr. Latimer acquired the belief that the surgical treatments would increase Tracy’s lifestyle but this kind of never took place, instead, it made her life not bearable. Due to this, Mister. Latimer was against another surgery since it meant extra pain and suffering. Hence, in my opinion, finishing his little girl’s life was your moral action to take as a father or mother.

The verdict manufactured on Mr. Latimer was morally incorrect. This is because the jury by no means stopped for a while to consider the discomfort that this lady used to undergo on a daily basis. In respect to Bauslaugh (2014), it might be wrong to equate Latimer to a killer. This is because as opposed to other murderers who are malicious, Latimer ended his daughter’s your life out of affection and vocable malice. By simply deciding to finish his little girl’s life, that has been always agonizing, Latimer was morally right. Ending someone’s life to be able to end the pain that you is going through has always been referred to as euthanasia. Doctors have applied euthanasia for decades and it is even now active to date. In order to embrace morality, the jury probably would not have paid much attention to the fact that Latimer committed tough but around the main reason that prompted him commit the act.

Utilitarianism and Formalism

In accordance to Perez and Moore (2012), while utilitarianism is a process wherever one does an work that he or she morals is morally right, Formalism is the action where their actions happen to be either correct or incorrect. The main difference between utilitarianism and Formalism is that although Utilitarianism initial considers the issues behind particular actions, it really is different with formalism. This is because unlike utilitarianism, Formalism by no means considers values or the reasons why one fully commited a certain actions. This is because in formalism, their actions will be either right or wrong.

Utilitarianism Theory

I believe, instead of formalism, the The courtroom would have accepted the utilitarianism theory before making the final rulings. According to Perez and Moore (2012), utilitarianism always puts into consideration the pleasure of the bulk. Happiness is generally a byproduct of your respective action but not a defensible principle. According to research, before making virtually any conclusions, it will always be vital the particular one acts in a fashion that creates joy to many people (Perez & Moore, 2012).

In accordance to Perez and Moore (2012), folks are often distinguished on their standard of morality, the moment faced with a moral situation; a ethical person usually calculates how much happiness that his or her activities will cause. As an example, had the jury recently been moral, it will have ceased to consider the consequences with the rulings ahead of accusing Latimer of second degree homicide and finally sentencing him to prison. Latimer’s sentence received a lot of uproar through the public; this is because many individuals were not happy with the manner in which the ruling was performed (Bauslaugh, 2014). Since utilitarianism puts into mind the delight of the bulk, it becomes evident that one would not consider the repercussions that he or she might confront because of the actions made (Perez & Moore, 2012).


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