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Primary idea: Bourdieu uses habitus as a idea for understanding society, and the process of cultural change or perhaps persistence. Sociable structures happen to be produced and reproduced, via the habitus. However , habitus, thru their capacity for incorporation and dexterity, can also cause mobilization.

•one has to return to practice, the internet site of the dialectic of the objectified products and the incorporated goods of famous practice, of structures and habitus •the possibilities and impossibilities written by the target conditions create dispositions compatible w/ these conditions, and pre-adapted with their demands •the anticipations with the habitus, sensible hypotheses based on past experience, give excessive weight to early have the habitus, a product of history, produces individual and collective practices in accordance with the schemes of history the handeln is the energetic presence with the whole earlier of which this can be a product •thru the habitus, a present previous tends to perpetuate itself forward6171 by reactivation in likewise structured techniques •the habitus is not consciously learned and contains an ‘objective intention’ which outruns the conscious intentions of its evident author

•there is a dialectic b/w habitus and corporations, that is b/w 2 ways of objectification of previous history the habitus, via objectification, socialization, designation of institutionalized functions, and its capacity for incorporation, allows institutions to attain full understanding •the associates of a same group or perhaps class, staying products of the same objective conditions, share a habitus and the practices of the members will be better harmonized than the real estate agents know or wish •the habitus is usually an imminent law, inscribed in physiques by identical histories, the precondition for coordination of practices, and mobilization

Big pic: Strat: habitus requires social processing.

Social transform: habitus can be both a great obstacle and a prerequisite to interpersonal change.

Berg/Luck (and Lefebvre): habitus is the two a product and a developer of the structure. Habitus — a set of agencement which make practices and perceptions; — original which means: a recurring or common condition, a situation or overall look, particularly in the body.

1) Disposition

1 ) Habitus can be “inside the heads” of actors  2. Only exists in, through and because of the practices of actors and the interaction with one another and with the rest of their environment 3. Represent the deportment, the manner and style in which stars ‘carry themselves’: stance, running, gesture. 2) Generative classificatory schemes


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