Ethical Dilemmas and Cultural Issues Essay


29 yr old Sakura have been brought to therapies by a concerned neighbor since she believes Sakura is suffering from despression symptoms. She is listless and silent, and at risk of staring into space. During the course of the guidance sessions, it absolutely was discovered that Sakura’s husband have been violent to her lately.

Sakura can be Japanese and has moved to Cal two years before, here your woman met and married an American husband. Sakura refuses to notify authorities mainly because she is ashamed that her family in Japan might discover the inability of her marriage. The girl clearly tells the counselor that nobody should know of the state of her romance with her husband. A counselor is ethically required to inform specialists about the abusive nature of the marriage but she is also obliged to value her client’s wishes.

Platform for Moral Decision Making (Velasquez, M., Moberg, D., Meyer, M. J., Shanks, Capital t.,. McLean, Meters. R., DeCosse, D., Andre, C., and Hanson, T. O., 2009) Recognize a great Ethical Concern Psychologists are not able to break client-therapist confidentiality; Sakura has plainly expressed that her problems in marital life must be retained confidential and believes that her husband’s temperament is merely being affected by his problems at your workplace and the circumstance between them can be resolved. The counselor feels conflicted because the situation entails actual and potential risk for the client.

Find the Facts Sakura is being verbally and actually abused when her spouse is incited to anger by small things, like unwashed laundry or dull food. Your woman sometimes gets bruises when her partner grabs he arms and shakes her or forces her around. Sakura feels miserable at the state of her marital life but the girl was raised to become a loyal wife to her husband. The Japanese value a good marital life and look down on upon divorce and relationship problems. The Japanese believe relationship problems must be resolved at your home and should not be publicly recognized.

This should be dealt with in therapy classes sensitive with her culture and her state of mind. She need to learn to benefit herself a lot more than valuing the opinion of others. Evaluate Alternative Actions The counselor may decide to first try to convince Sakura of the uncommon aspects of her situation.

A great establishment of a high feeling of self-worth in therapy can essentially enable her get out of the abusive romance by her own accord. However , if the danger is imminent so when it is obvious that her husband is usually escalating in violence towards Sakura then this first issue would be to alert authorities to stop the mistreatment. Make a Decision and Test It The therapist can decide to inform the authorities about the nature of the situation, testing a decision can easily involve taking a look at the likely outcomes should the decision end up being executed.

Other approaches must be considered; a useful exercise would be asking problem “what Merely told somebody I respect-or told a television audience-which option I’ve chosen, what would i have heard it said? ” looking at different viewpoints is vital for making the choice. Action and Think about the Outcome Put into action the decision, notify the authorities and keep an eye on the outcome, Sakura must be well guided in remedy and presented psychological support at all times. Research: Velasquez, Meters., Moberg, G., Meyer, Meters. J., Shanks, T.,. McLean, M. L., DeCosse, G., Andre, C., and Hanson, K. To., (2009).

A framework intended for ethical decision making. Markkula Centre for Applied Ethics for Santa Clara University.

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