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Marketing and Advertising

Media plays an essential role in marketing and advertising. Multimedia forms the channel by which customers as well as the society find out new things in technology, trend, trends, and many other upcoming items. Fashion, which is any popular style or perhaps practice inside the society, contains a wide basic and may be viewed in apparel, accessories, makeup, and shoes or boots (Wolfe 26). Fashion promoting is one of the areas of the overall economy that makes a whole lot of use of the mass media. It makes use of famous people and people who are in capacity to market good and providers. Effective make use of media for advertising and marketing is very helpful for any business and brings about increased sales and profits (Wolfe 46). Trend advertisement can be done on the television, on radio stations, on social sites, on product brands, on advertisements and many other stations. Use of celebs in advertising and marketing is very essential and catches the heads of many people in the society. It creates a notion that a product is the best in the range of related products, which will increases require of a product, its revenue, and earnings (Mehta 199).

There are plenty of theories related to the study of mass media and all try to explain the impact in advertising, and the perceptions linked to its make use of. The 1st theory is a uses and gratification theory, which says that people make use of advertised items for gratification (Karina). The population can use an item so that they can correspond with the movie star used to encourage the product. The association having a celebrity gives them a feeling of belonging and gratification (Karina). The theory also states that people use a merchandise to help them intended for diversion to escape from concerns, for personal identification, and for security of crucial tricks intended for survival. Persons tend to make use of products which can be associated with successful celebrities in order to feel safe and away from their problems. It gives all of them a sense of that belong and fulfilment in life. According to this theory, use of products that are linked to a particular movie star increases kinds self-esteem and self-worth (Karina).

The hypodermic needle model is additionally another theory related to the use of media and suggests that media audience always has trust and loyalty to media so that they do not present any challenges or have questions about the info they are given (Karina). In accordance to this theory, the audience consumes any information supported by a celebrity and believes this as the reality. The public offers strong idea in celebs and imagine products the celebrity uses will also work on them (Karina). They tend to work with products basing on superstar advice and never professional advice. This scenario features enabled many businesses to advertise false information towards the public but still manage to encourage people to get their products. It has led to a whole lot of promoción in the media industry, which will derails customers in making all their choices (Armstrong 126).

Two-step circulation theory is usually another theory in press study and suggests that the passage details from the origin to the audience is a two-step process. In accordance to this theory, the audience in mass media depends a lot around the opinion of trusted businesses in order to consume information (Bickle 24). The next parties in this case can be celebs, people in power, experts, and specialists. The audience is convinced that details given and certified by such members in the contemporary society gives trustworthy and beneficial information. This has led to the utilization of many celebrities to support and showcase many products. A product recommended, used, or promoted with a celebrity turns into the individuals choice (Karina).

The mass media has its own functions inside the contemporary buyer culture (Bickle 29). Press forms the primary channel through which the culture gets new information and uses this sort of information to find knowledge, making decisions, and to measure the different products in the market. The data gained will help customers to purchase best item to fit these people in the market. They help the society to know the explanation for peculiar occurrences in the market environment and the solutions to upcoming problems in the market. Out of this perspective, the mass media can be, therefore , extremely important in informing the public and is helpful in moving information quickly to the community (Armstrong 48).

Another important function of mass media should be to warn people and advice on how to deal with, use, and handle diverse products available in the market (Armstrong 73). This helps buyers to be proficient in different products in the market. The mass media will also help to solve individuals miseries that help hopeless visitors to solve their particular problems. They help customers to access products they do not can locate them. They thus perform like a guide and savior to peoples’ concerns (Mehta 196).

Usage of celebrities in advertising and product real reviews is one of the approaches used in promoting to increase product awareness and sales. In fashion marketing, it’s the main technique applied in advertising and marketing (Mehta 193). As an example, Rooney Mara who was initially called Patricia Mara is a great acting professional and has become used in advertising and marketing a number of items. In 2013, she utilized as the cover model to promote Calvin Klein parfum and present its new scent. In the promotion picture as shown below (Image 1), the lady shows a relaxed and calm mood to ignite desire in the open public. This disposition was used to exhibit the effect of the perfume with an individual and his or her perception through the public. The trend provokes the will in people besides making them to think that using the cologne will give all of them the same appear like Rooney Mara’s (Posner 91). In addition to this, this caption can be presented in black and white to present a thought that the background and the surrounding usually do not matter when using the perfume. The main idea in such a case is to demonstrate public the fact that perfume gives someone while clean, gorgeous, and composed.

Graphic 1: http://businessofcelebrity. files. wordpress. com/2013/07/rooney-mara-x-calvin-klein. jpg? w=500

In another advertisement, Mara is used to trend clothes created by different designers. In the photo below (Image 2), the lady shows similar calm and composed appear that appears to be gazing into the space. This look presents her as being faithful calm and incredibly pretty. This evokes the need to own the same type of clothe in people leading to large sales (Bickle 51). This look and good posture has made her very popular stylish marketing and made many designers look for her for advertising reasons.

Image 2: http://thenypost. files. wordpress. com/2013/08/rooney_mara-3004502. digital? w=300h=450crop=1

In another instance, multiple designers use Mara to promote numerous cloth items. In the picture below (Image 3), Mara is advertising a coat designed by Nicholas K and a dress created by Kova. With this picture, the girl poses with a brand new style using a leather seatbelt to connect the jacket tight on the waist. The girl with also found to be constructed, calm and a casual feeling. She has thrown up the fleshlight sleeves to present an informal mood and has a travel suitcase handle she is pulling. This kind of presents the idea of the designer in using these type of cloths to get casual operate (Posner 82).

http://www. papermag. com/modules/archive/uploaded_images/3484_head_rooney. jpg

In conclusion, it really is clear that media plays an important role in marketing of fashion (Dyer 154). That forms the channel by which the audience gets information about new products in the market and the way to use the product. In addition to this, the utilization of celebrity in advertising trend is a popular strategy and is extremely efficient in increasing revenue and merchandise awareness. Usage of celebrity mirrors the desire to purchase and make use of the same merchandise used by a high profile (Dyer 161). It acts equally a hypodermic injection that takes power over a person’s head and controls him or her to buy what is determined. In general, use of celebrity popular advertising can be described as successful technique and needs to be taken by designers and advertisers (Posner 120).

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