Virtue and Happiness Essay


There are so many diverse circumstances underneath which somebody will conduct an action which it can be confusing when should you determine if an action is positive. There can be elements of ignorance or factors of pressure to do selected actions. Pressure, ignorance, or reward may have a various impacts on a person’s choices about virtuous works but when it causes their moral actions to be affected, then only certain situations can easily pressure or perhaps ignorance always be an excuse. Valor is a advantage that can be dependant on choices that a person could make.

A person that simply does an act because he sees a few personal gain from the take action such as conserving a child via a fire may well not have dedicated a desired act because of the motive to it such as celebrity or exclusive chance. However , an individual who has done a virtuous action can still always be honored and glorified with all the act even now being virtuous. If that individual were held at gunpoint and told to save the child, in the event that he performed the work it would be hard to determine if it was truly virtuous.

Will not mean that it absolutely was not a desired act, however it would be hard to see what the objective was behind the action. Near the end of Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle talks about the range of individuals characteristics. Aristotle states that the: “…of the moral says to be averted there are 3 kinds-vice, incontinence, brutishness. ” (Aristotle. Site 157. ) Aristotle states that there are the opposites of the which are advantage, continence, and the super-virtue.

Vice would mean the individual knows what they are doing is definitely wrong yet does it regardless. Incontinence would mean that a person has an completely wrong moral that they act on, leading to them to work in a manner that had not been virtuous. And brutishness is a person performing purely on urge and having no emotional or perhaps rational and even irrational believed behind what exactly they are doing. It will be primarily animalistic in nature.

Looking at Aristotle’s view on “the best life” or a “happy life, ” it can be noticed that virtue is what this individual really thinks will bring about a “good” life. The fact that there are many different ways in which an individual may be desired or not shows that acting on desire may be right and also wrong. And several different situations can identify this correct or incorrect act.

Aristotle states the particular one must fulfill the desire for joy by positive means which our realistic mind oftentimes leads us away from the correct means of fulfilling each of our ultimate desire.

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