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Their Personal Characteristics, Their very own Value Conflicts, and Relevant Literature

The objective of this study paper is always to discuss the individual attributes which have been required within a physically and emotionally healthy counselor. A normal counselor contains a positive effect on his or her consumer. The discipline of counseling is becoming an important part of householder’s life. This paper establishes its basis on the turmoil of ideals of counselor and its results. Another important part of the newspaper is to analysis about outcome of counselors-in-training interacting with clientele prior to their particular master’s level training. It will highlight the effects of performing practice prior to the training as well as its effect on capacity for handling the client’s problems and questions. This could as well lead to difficulties with the trustworthiness of the counselor. These factors are examined through materials and case research done by various other writers. Several researches carried out in the past would be the major supply of information. Foundation of this paper is based on the personal characteristics that the counselor should possess and their values.

Personal Characteristic of Counselors

Guidance is about providing advice and guiding the clients through their difficult times. This relates to the mental health insurance and emotional condition of the client. People look for counseling for careers, jobs, relationships, addictive problems and basic issues of their lives. Counselling is usually applied as a suggestions for psychotherapy. When in difficult moments family and friends cannot help someone, they look for guidance, power and answers from their counselor. Counseling is practices in sessions associated with an hour or so for once or 2 times in a week. Counselor and client both play essential roles in the recovery of client. Counselor’s expertise will be of no use if perhaps client would not fully discuss his or her issue. So , have to be supportive and persistent while conducting these sessions.

Counselling is a field that requires tolerance, rational pondering and accord. Counselors make a difference in the lives of other folks. It is important to get a counselor to feel accord for the consumer. As Guidon (2010) identifies, a sympathetic person would like to solve the matter him/herself although a person who seems empathy does not mix patient’s problem with their particular. Counselors business lead a challenging life. Their clients require not only their very own time and suggestions but likewise trust and care. Consequently , a counselor needs to have extremely specific attributes in their character in order to provide effective service to all their clients. Apart from the obvious personal abilities like interpersonal skills, counselors need many personality traits to be effective and efficient. Corey (2009) says that there are many characteristics of counselors which will seem unrealistic but these will be equally necessary for any counselor. Before giving advice to clients, a counselor him/herself needs to be sure of their capabilities. Sincerity and honesty are very important with this field.

A counselor must be observant, energetic listener, selecting, influential and focused. The effective councilor also requires a sound understanding of theory and ability to place theory in practice (Gregoire Jungers, 2007). Corey (2009) states it is very important pertaining to effective counselor to maintain healthier boundaries, that way they should be capable to maintain a balance between their personal and specialist lives. Corey also concluded from his research that counselor needs to have a good sense of humor in order to brighten the feeling. Guindon (2010)believes that consumers give a counselor many non-tangible gifts like trust, attention and self-confidence. Corey (2009) also says that the relationship of consumer and counselor helps each. Consolers discover how to admit their very own mistakes and become open to enhancements made on their lives.

McLoead (2011)discusses the attributes of people who will be drawn to the field of counseling. Usually people who turn into counselors believe relationships would be the most important element of human existence. They are also company believers in the values that prove the worth of individuals and they are clear about their position in society and their foreseeable future goals. An additional most important personal trait of counselor will be honest and keep the privacy of patient. It is their moral and professional responsibility.

Values as well as its Confilcts

Principles are the common held by simply people as to what is preferred, proper and acceptable. It gives people a criterion of standards to get shaping all their lives. Both personal and professional ideals are important. Personal values affect the way of interaction with the consumer. Personal ideals of a consoler are created as he grows up; that they depend upon the upbringing and culture when the counselor spends most of the time. Personal values contain honesty, fact, helping other folks, doing important work and positive effect on other folks (Corey, 2009). There is always a chance that the personal values of any counselor disputes with the operate values. Busacca (2010) explains to that personal values turmoil with the function values. If the counselor includes a personal belief that a terminally ill person should have the right to end their lives; yet , he are unable to impose this thinking upon anyone else. Research shows that consultants, while training, question all their self-concepts with those needs for their field of work. Counselors have appeared to be molding themselves in their specialist values following certain time period. They have to create their own boundaries in which they wish to practice.

Exploration (Sanders, 2003) shows that ethnical difference among client and counselor can have a major effect on the relationship and therapy. The private biases in either side can result in failing of specialist values and ethics. Advanced of truthfulness can decrease the cultural hurdle among client and counselor. The counselor has to have a nonjudgmental attitude towards the client regardless of his/her personal values. Campbel Christopher (2012)also say that the counselor has to be actually, mentally, psychologically and cognitively on the same level with the client at all times. Typically, counselors have to deal with grief counseling for their clients. Counselors, who have are more self-aware and comfortable in sharing all their feelings, are definitely more efficient and effective in their operate (Ober, Granello, Wheaton, 2012).

Professional values determine the role of any person in organization plus the ability of balancing function and family. Work beliefs of counselor include acquiring responsibility, reconnaissance, develop therapies style, share responsibility with client and tolerate halving. The common problems where turmoil of ideals occurs are religion, intimate orientation and someone’s right to die. Serious consequences may possibly occur resulting from these disputes (Guindon, 2010).

We can determine that personal values of counselors can conflict with all the professional principles. However , solid personal beliefs will work in favour of the advisors. A counselor with solid moral and ethical principles will have a positive influence around the clients. Although if a counselor doesn’t practice honesty, sincerity and privateness of others than he or she is more likely to face trouble understanding a client with strong moral ideals. Although a counselor simply cannot impose all their personal values on consumers but they can have a very positive effect in influencing and helping the customer in their challenging times. When there is a strong disagreement between the beliefs then it may possibly result in recommendation to another counselor but most of the times this kind of conflict may be resolved with cold-mindedness and rational pondering.

Trainee Counselor

Survey (Busacca, Beebe, Toman, 2010) shows that practicing counselors show matured level of principles than student counselors. Yager Tovar-Blank (2007) also review that counseling is a occupation which is very stressful, tiring and with constant risk of fatigue and burn up. Trainee counselors do not entirely practice cognitive counseling and generally under their very own instructors effect. For students of counseling it is very important to learn the wellness of the client and themselves. The curriculum has to be designed in this kind of a way they are completely mindful of this idea and its significance. Grief counseling is a very important aspect of psychiatric therapy. If the trainees indulge themselves in practice just before understanding the significance of wellness, skill and knowledge required for tremendous grief counseling, they may be bound to miss lead your customer. Without the master’s level training, the student counselors are generally not fully able to help the consumer and understand the delicate character of the work. At this level, trainees themselves are in conflict with requirements of their profession and the personal ethical and moral values and beliefs (Ober, Granello, Wheaton, 2012).

Stats by Gaubatz Vera (2006)show that only 4-5% trainees signed up for master’ or perhaps doctoral system are frequent than those in undergraduate level. Statistic as well shows that just 10% of students signed up for mater’s plan are suitable for the field of counseling. Nevertheless , Woodside (2007) says that it can be better for trainee counselors to interact with the consumers. But , this kind of interaction ought to be under the guidance of a rehearsing professional counselor. Internships really are a very effective technique of learning by simply example. Yager Tovar-Blank, 3 years ago (2007) on the other hand is of the opinion that if an psychologically unstable college student is enrolled in counseling system then the training course should be deigned in such a way that that

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