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Counseling Types REVISED



Psychoanalytic. / / “To Switch Neurosis in Ordinary Unhappiness” / as well as Silent, from time to time venturing a great interpretation, therapist as “one who knows” / / Dream research, attention paid out to early on childhood creation and relationships with father and mother

Adlerian. / / Encourage client’s premises and desired goals / / Collaborative marriage / as well as Focuses on feelings of personal that arise from human relationships and clashes

Existential Remedy / / Self-mastery, self-examination, creativity, customer accepting responsibility for personal / as well as Therapist as person, focus on quality of therapist-client romantic relationship / as well as Not a technique-oriented therapy but instead a philosophical procedure

Person-Centered Therapy / as well as Increased self-esteem and increased openness to see / / Neutral and nonhierarchical and empathetic / / Restatement of patient’s statements in neutral terminology, unconditional positive regard, sympathy

Gestalt Remedy / as well as Client knowing of self, environment, relation to others / as well as sharing client experience, providing feedback, a dialogue relationship without manipulation / / Internal dialogue exercises, guided fantasies

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy / / Goal and trouble oriented, objective is for consumer to gain charge of reaction to things by changing thoughts patterns / / Collaborative as well as / Research, workbooks, self-observation of personal patterns and thoughts

Reality Remedy / as well as Learn better ways to match basic requirements and interact with people your customer wants in his/her globe / / Gets consumer to be specific regarding desired within life as well as / emphasis on choices manufactured by client and how client may attain positive goals

Family members Systems Therapy / / Understand client within circumstance of larger family system / as well as will often take care of client as part of larger program, focused on learning the “homeostasis” from the system as well as / Reframing or redescribing problems, acknowledgement that any kind of change is going to necessitate a change in the whole system

With the different healing models offered by Corey in Table 1 . 1, the three that many intrigue and appeal in my opinion are the traditional Psychoanalytic style, the Existential (or Actuality Therapy) unit, and Friends and family Systems Therapy (9-10).

Classic Psychoanalysis nonetheless exerts a very good fascination after us, and certainly if you’re my grow older it symbolizes – pertaining to better or worse – the first experience most of us had of your intellectual “theory of mind” in the form of Sigmund Freud’s various obsessions. It can be, of course , important in the twenty-first century to separate out Psychoanalysis as a unit for therapeutic procedure via wholesale Freudian theory. You will find not many folks who would nonetheless defend a few of Freud’s more bizarre tips, like “penis envy. ” But the actuality is that the emphasis placed simply by psychoanalysis about “unconscious motives” (in Corey’s words) as a means to learning the self is usually something that nonetheless holds a sizable appeal pertaining to the imaginations of many of the people seeking help (455). There is a lot about traditional Freudian psychoanalysis which has now tested itself to be dubious science

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