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The main character inside the novel is some ways like myself. Mr. Shizuma is a person that is curious by

many things and likes to see what response people have via any action. Throughout the book he seems the

need to go in order to parts of the town and adjacent communities in order to see the associated with the

unknown bomb. Mr. Shizuma was not just interested in so what happened to the people in the community

but having been also interested in finding out what the weapon utilized was referred to as and made away of. There was

distinct names given to the explosive device throughout the book and he sums the names in one paragraph

The name of the bomb had currently undergone a number of changes, from the initial

new tool through new-type bomb, secret weapon, unique new-type bomb, to

special high-capacity bomb. That day, We learned initially to call it an atomic

bomb. (Black Rain 282)

The importance of the brand of the explosive device may seem ineffectual, but this individual seems to dwell on finding out what

brought on this type of damage. Something else that Mr. Shizuma wants to perform is bear in mind every tiny

details about what occurs everything from what angle the property was in after the explosive device to what his wife

cooked for lunch with the meals rationing. He even wants to write how people remedied themselves of radiation

sickness and what the burns and other traumas look and act like. These things are like me in the fact

that he does not want to forget what things are like, wants to find first hand the particular effects are, and is extremely

considering finding information about new things that he has not seen before. He likewise likes to help

persons greatly such as his frequent wanderings trying to find coal intended for his community. If you were relied

on would you support your community? I think therefore.

The topic that is very meaningful to my opinion is that battle hurts two different parts of a rustic. The first is the

military, which was definitely not talked about, and then there is the civilians. The civilians must bout food

so that the military can eat, and then they should also suffer for the reason that bomb that was decreased was not

meant for any kind of military foundation but to destroy and kill a city. The theme is clear in which means that it hurts the

people much more than it hurts the military and that war is very, very inappropriate. The people which were

holding back on had almost no to eat and that amount started to be smaller since the conflict continued. Individuals were forced

to expand carp in small , and search for mussels in ponds in order to get any kind of meat. By the end of the

war there were no mussels left in just about any of the many avenues and there was also not any fish in any of the ponds.

The only thing that survived were the eels who were viewed swimming in the river a day before the

surrender was given. This was an indication of rebirth. It just took 12 months after the Hiroshima bombing for the

surrender and during that time the government did not help any of the people that really had been hurt by the

conflict, the civilians. It was strange that the persons felt any kind of remorse at all for shedding the war when the

government that they can were likely to believe in remaining them desolate and without any kind of food. Blameless

unarmed people slain and mangled by a weapon that could destroy the entire world. For what goal was

the blast dropped? Mister. Shizuma produced many feedback about how in the event the opposition could have only anxiously waited

some time longer they can not have were required to drop the bomb because the country was internally disintegrating.

This seems to me personally that the shedding of the blast was simply a scientific research experiment towards the opposition.

That is the hidden theme to the novel.

The only type of person who could possibly check out this book is known as a person that is incredibly open minded to other

ideas. To the majority of people in the United States the bomb was necessary to be able to stop the war. Inside the eyes

of the Western the bomb was not necessary to stop the war. Which side is true? The answer is both equally sides. To

have an available mind and to be able to recognize new ideas is crucial when you look at people from a different sort of

sort of background and state of mind. To read this novel you should also have an attractive solid tummy

since there are many in depth entries about wounds as well as the way the skin starts to melt right off the

living body system. The whole story is told from the eyes and thoughts of the primary character Mr. Shizuma is definitely

diverse from any first hand account that we have ever read and a visitor must be happy to get into that

figure in order to get the message, feelings, and pictures that Mr. Shizuma is trying to put forth. The

new is created extremely clear but one of the problems is that it gets slow every once in a while if Mr.

Shizuma gets something in his mind so this individual decides to get it done. The pond that his friend is growing

carp in is traveled to what appears to be about a thousands of times. Precisely what is good about the many moves to

these same areas is that every time the picture changes slightly with an individual becoming sick and tired or the carp

developing. What a person needs to check out this book is usually careful believed because of the slight changes as well as a

map seems to grow inside your mind of the several places that he visits. These locations are defined in

so much depth that it will not take quite definitely imagination to find out what is going on and what he could be seeing.

It has a whole lot to do with the book as the title is usually how the whole thing started, with Mr. Shizumas

daughter coming home with black locations on her pores and skin where the dark-colored rain acquired hit her. It could not be

washed off and this burnt through clothing. The ending for the novel was satisfactory as the end with the

battle was a good place to end the novel. The sole problem which i can see with this type of ending is that the

reader wants to know what features happened for the community after a few years but what the writer is attempting

to say is very clear and enforced with people moaping because they lost the war. The crying had not been only

because the war was shed but also for the individuals that died, or are dyeing, in the community. Also the

crying was also by fear of the fact that was going to affect them now that another country had power over

them. The men generally feared that they were going to be castrated but they understood that the country would

never always be the same nevertheless they would be able to consume. The eels that were looked at in the river were nonetheless in the

larvae stage and they were swimming upriver. This gives the person in the history hope that things will probably be all

right and they have the capacity to build a fresh community and help his family deal with the sickness

that his daughter features. The overall meaning of the novel is that warfare makes items hard to get the people that

have to stay at home and support all their soldiers. The heart of any region is with the general population

and when that general inhabitants was hit with some thing unknown that did not only shock other

country but it built the country imagine they were sufficiently strong. People will pull through to get

themselves and family before they presume about what is going to happen to the way in which that they live. This

novel reveals the power and curiosity from the human soul. It does accomplish what it attempted to do, demonstrate

influence on the burning off side of war.

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