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Sociological Evaluation: Salt from the Earth

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Salt of the Earth

The 1954 film Salt of the The planet explores a wide variety of social issues that would come to the forefront of sociable conscience in the coming many years. The film examines the economic and social inequalities perpetrated by the economic system in the us, racial bias, and sexuality equity. The script is based on a real life labor hit and uses the actual miners involved in the labor dispute because actors. The movie was made outside the studio system by blacklisted writer Eileen Wilson, movie director Paul Jarrico, and overseer Herbert Biberman.

Economic and Social Inequalities

The movie exposes the shabby working and living conditions of the Mexican-American community. It provides a few historical backdrop on how Hispanic rights had been violated by white industrialists. The area was once owned or operated by members of the neighborhood Mexican-American community, however the Zinc Company moved in, took over the property and offered all of them the “choice” of shifting or receiving employment at low wage. Additionally , the employees are tempted to live in management-owned houses and get at management-owned stores. The homes with the Hispanics will be shacks compared to those of their particular white co-office workers with poor sanitation and bad domestic plumbing. The stores sell off goods by inflated prices, which position the workers indebted.

Safety is yet another issue increased by the Mexican miners. Regulations for the minority personnel are lax, especially when when compared with those in mines dominated by white-colored workers. Whilst white miners are allowed to operate pairs, the Hispanics need to perform risky work individually and when they protest you can actually managers warned to replace all of them. There are zero Hispanic managers at the my own.

These conditions reflect a present-day economic craze in American society to some extent. According to the University or college of Wa West Shoreline Poverty Middle (“Social and Economic Inequality in the United States, inch 2012) salary inequity among all workers in America has increased recently. Since 80 the rich have become wealthier relative to the middle and lower income classes. The U. S i9000. Census Bureau has found which the highest quintile increased their share of total home income via around 44% in 1980 to 50% in 2010. Basically, by 2010 fully half of all home income in America was gained by the wealthiest 20% from the population. Each of the remaining quintiles of the population lost profits share in the same period. By 2010, the lowest quintile earned only 3. 3% of total income.

Furthermore, racial and ethnic disparities in profits are bigger among blacks and Latinos. Blacks ($32, 068) and Hispanics ($40, 120) acquired lower typical annual earnings than non-Hispanic whites ($54, 620) or Asians ($64, 308) in every year among 2002 and 2010. Ethnicity and cultural minorities were disproportionately symbolized among poor people in 2010. While blacks made-up one 8th of the U. S. inhabitants, nearly one quarter of poor people were black (23. 1%). Similarly, whereas regarding one 6th of the U. S. populace was of Hispanic ethnicity, more than one quarter of poor people identify while Hispanic (28. 7%) (“Social and Financial Inequality in the usa, ” 2012).

Racial Bias

Another theme of the movie can be racial prejudice. The Hispanic miners live in housing with no hot water and poor cleanliness. Eventually the Hispanic personnel strike since they want “equality with the rest of the miners, same pay same conditions” (Biberman, 1954, 15: 18). In response a white colored union organizer replies, “Exactly, and equal rights is the something the white bosses can’t afford. The greatest club they may have over the Anglo locals is definitely well at least you get more than the Mexicans” (Biberman, 1954, 12: 23). The authorities conspire together with the mine keepers to defeat the strike, disrupting the picketer line and arresting one of many spokesmen. Snarling racial epithets

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