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Crisis Response Portfolio

Intimate partner assault affects clients across the socioeconomic, ethnic, grow older, and lovemaking orientation spectrums. Women will be nearly twice as likely to encounter violence or perhaps sexual abuse than men, but figures should never cloud over the fact that man guys are the victims of intimate partner violence or home abuse (Sugg, 2015). While factors just like patriarchal rules and male or female roles usually factor into the etiology of intimate spouse violence, advisors should be mindful to avoid getting to results or employing stereotyped judgments when working with customers like Jamie.

Jamie can be described as 28 year-old Latino guy. Born and raised in Honduras, Jamie could be considered a typical man in a patriarchal society but the case theory reveals an even more complex routine of mistreatment, especially when seen through the improved lenses of devices theory. Focusing on Jamie lets me provide insight into systemic issues, thereby loaning insight into methods all family members can heal. For example , Jamies behavior is simply modelled next of his father based on what the consumer has exposed about his own the child years. Jamie was himself sexually abused by a great uncle, definitely contributing to ongoing trauma precipitating the perpetuation of abuse. While Jamie is sometimes the aggressor in the relationship with Maria, Nancy has also resorted to chaotic behavior against Jamie. Stiff concepts of masculinity, guy virility, and male sexuality are also adding to factors in this instance. Now that Sofia, the eight-year old girl of Jamie and Nancy, is at exposure to possible experiencing intimate abuse, case workers possess a responsibility to get involved immediately.


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Part 1: Jobs and Obligations

Ethical Responsibilities.

Professional consultants working in a crisis situation that way of the Escaparate household have got a direct honest responsibility to intervene. When counselors are ethically appreciative to maintain privacy with consumers, there are exclusions to the rule especially when severe and foreseeable harm might be at stake, as it is in this case (ACA Code of Ethics W. 2 . a). The AQUI also advises all consultants working on a similar case to collaborate when making decisions linked to confidentiality. The ACA Code of Integrity provision B. 4. m also covers ethical tendencies when doing work in a group on relatives cases. Like a counselor dealing with Jamie, I actually also need to continue to be sensitive towards the clients migration status and this of his wife, keeping such information confidential in accordance with ACA Code of Integrity B. 1 . c.

Legal Considerations.

Because the AQUI Code of Ethics, B. 2 . a mentions, consultants often perform have a legal obligation to report actions that jeopardize or jeopardize the safety of another person. Your Florida has laws that protect the very best interests of each family member, with the emphasis on Jamies daughter. For instance , state charte like 921. 0024 require that the counselor alert Jamie about the legal outcome of revealing Sophie to domestic violence. The counselor is certainly not legally obligated to survey violations of yankee immigration regulation and completely should not from this particular case (Sconyers Tate, 2016).

Point out Requirements and Protocols to get Emergency Response Team (ERT).

The State of Fl has requirements and protocols for an urgent situation Response Team (ERT) which can be used when working with Jamie. The Sarasota Center for Abuse and Rape Disasters (CARE) involves an ERT with a catastrophe center and a transitional housing alternative in case one of many partners chooses to keep the household (FCADV, 2019). Foodstuff and clothes assistance are often available to Jamie.

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my own precarious migrants and legal status, I am unable to fully count on law enforcement solutions in my place for help in case of your emergency.

Consequently , I will advise my best friends, my own boss, my own priest, and any other family that I require an informal buy of security that should be invoked when it comes to a violent incident through which my life or my daughters life is at risk.

Step Five: Safety at work and In Public

Given my boss is aware of my legal status, We share with my own boss the simple fact that I might need physical safety and mental solace in this difficult time.

In the event my manager seems hesitant to help or unreceptive to my needs, my backup support system contains the sociable workers who also help me on my case.

My spouse and i also request friends and relatives to get support, particularly if I need to keep my task during the turmoil. The Miami-Dade County gives job search assistance to persons like me, and I learn about my legal rights if the crisis will need to arise.

I have reasonable guarantee that my own boss and my co workers will not notify the government bodies about my personal immigration status.


As well as the local and state helpful persons suffering from domestic violence, Jamie will benefit from the California Immigrant Cabale (https://floridaimmigrant.org/). The Florida Migrant Coalition will help people like Jaime to understand their legal rights, how to gain access to federal and state methods, and also how you can carefully make use of social solutions in ways that prevent detention or expulsion.

Jamie should also be made aware of the domestic violence methods available to him in Miami-Dade County, in the State of Florida, and through countrywide organizations also. For example , the National Home-based Violence

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