Change Management


With the raising pace of change. From this fast paced economy world, the conventional corporate structures can be a blocking point to get companies, even great businesses from becoming creative and speedy enough to run efficiently in this competitive environment. That directly affects the companies achievement and keep back the organization to serve consumers better, make new positive aspects and survive in the regular change process. This research focuses on these kinds of similar situation where the corporation has to alter their classic old means of working and accept fresh innovation and alter to survive available in the market. Valeo is one of the leading manufacturers of automobile spare parts operating out of France since 1923. Today it is present in 33 countries. It works closely with the key global automakers on all of their markets such as Daimler, BMW, Ford, VW etc .

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This research is accomplished in Philippines in city bietigheim bissingen. The company has its own working departments but all of us focus on just Quality department and Warranty department. Warranty department comes under research and development. The change process can be applied just in the warranty department from the company worldwide. Each office in any organization deals with large amount of data and same costs Valeo. Presently, the warranty department of valeo offers around 3. 7 million data. This data is the claim info received in the customers and is also scattered throughout the department regionally i. elizabeth, in community computers since excel linens. Also these claims info are in different languages and various customer formats depending on which in turn customer and from which region it is. Therefore there is no global database pertaining to warranty info where standard format is definitely defined pertaining to data visualization and info extraction. furthermore, data will not be easy accessible to people of warranty department around the world. This is one of the issues inside the department.

Secondly, the large chuck of claim info is used in the same way a recovery proof for paying of the customer intended for failed part. Based on part return the situation detection to look for why, how, when and where the part failed is carried out in the clinical in the production web page to get into fine detail and execute analysis. This process of concern detection, evaluation of component is a gradual process and does not provide the chance of early diagnosis prediction? of issues that could help to reduce forthcoming problems. Valeo features 32 buyers and for just about every customer all of the claim data is in stand out sheets. As a result having numerous excel sheet in different community computers which is chaotic and time consuming. eg: if I want to refer to say data via japan and perform analysis, I have to speak to the local supervisor or industrial engineer who is in charge of that buyer and production site with the part that could be a long process of swapping emails and waiting for the response.

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