Why Was There a Spanish Armada Essay


England and Spain have gotten religious differences since Henry VIII altered England into a protestant country as a result of the divorce his first better half, Catherine of Aragon. When Henry perished his boy, Edward I, was a strong protestant and reinforced the protestant hope in England. When Edward I actually died at the age of 15, his half sister Mary started to be Queen.

The girl was a strong Catholic, which resulted in England returning to the Catholic religious beliefs which triggered the persecution of non-Catholics. She committed King Phillip of Spain who was the devout Catholic. When Mary died, her half sis Elizabeth My spouse and i became Princess or queen of Great britain, who immediately stopped the persecutions of non- Catholics and changed England returning to protestant.

The reason for the Armada was because Full Phillip of Spain planned to take over England and to swap it back to Catholic, just as Elizabeth had flipped it protestant. King Phillip offered to get married to Elizabeth thinking that he could have control over English politics and persuade her to keep the Catholic beliefs. After the girl refused his offer he made several failed attempts to kill California king Elizabeth to replace her using a Catholic Monarch, Mary, Queen of Scotts.

King Phillip was having angry with Queen At the because your woman was permitting English pirates attack Spanish ships so long as she got a percentage with the spoils. She also offered to support Protestants whom rebelled against Spanish secret in the Spanish Netherlands. Elizabeth ordered the execution of her relation Mary Queen of Scottish, which certain King Phillip to strike England.

Princess or queen Elizabeth understood that California king Phillip a new big number of ships and several essential items. She delivered the Regal Navy to do a surprise harm on the Spanish ships at the harbor in Cadiz. The British bombarded and broken several warships, some very severely.

They also destroyed the barrels of foodstuff, water, and gun powdered on the delivers. They had to generate new types but they did not let the barrels dry long enough which brought on the items to mess up. The food rotted, the water became undrinkable, as well as the gun dust was ineffective.

This late the Spanish Armada strike for one yr.

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