Case Study on Tupperware Essay


1 ) 0 Advantages In this record I will be inspecting a case examine on Tupperware. I will be figuring out the main challenges faced by simply Tupperware and recommending alternatives that could be accustomed to help Tupperware. Tupperware was developed in the 1940’s by Earl Tupper. They will consisted of different kinds of plastic material containers utilized in households to contain foodstuff and keep it airtight.

As innovative since the product was it was rather than an instant hit. The target industry was female and they weren’t buying the item and this resulted in a different approach had to be taken in order to induce sales and get the item known. This kind of led to the beginning of the Tupperware party being a sales tool.

The Tupperware party was a gathering of ladies mainly regular folks who gathered to interact socially but with Tupperware available for sale. This kind of proved to be a useful sales approach. In the 1950’s the product was obviously a perfect fit for ladies most becoming full-time homemakers which allowed them to be able pack meals and leftovers intended for long periods of time. However since Tupperware was not bought from the stores in meant that women and housewives equally had to had to attend Tupperware parties in order to purchase them.

In the 60’s and 70’s Tupperware sales increased significantly. This was because the lifestyle of most women at the moment suited a product like Tupperware, also coupled with the Tupperware parties which are a huge struck in the era. In the 80’s there was a there was a decline in sales, this according to the Tupperware ladies, could have been due to increase in divorces, childless, women becoming single and more independent.

Tupperware maintains a fair market share internationally but provides since found a fall in both equally market share and sales domestically and problems to find ideal marketing strategies to implement. 2 . 0 S. T. O. Big t Analysis A SWOT analysis is an analytical technique, which is used to spot and classify significant internal factors (i. e. strong points and weaknesses) and external factors (i. e. opportunities and threats) an organization confronts. I will be taking a look at the SWOT analysis to get Tupperware and using it to identify the advantages, weaknesses, possibilities and threats that Tupperware have.

2 . 1 Advantages – Between your 1950’s and 1970’s Tupperware was extremely profitable 2 . 2 Disadvantages 3. 0 The 5 p’s in the Marketing Combine for Tupperware The your five p’s with the Marketing mixture that I will probably be looking at in relation to Tupperware contain product, campaign, price, place, people. some. 0Marketing Alternatives and Recommendations In terms of you see, the product, customers felt it turned out of high quality together the features and usability expected, therefore it is probably not necessary to modify or boost these things. Nevertheless brand graphic can be improved by advertising and marketing.

Availability of the product and customer support can be increased by employing even more Tupperware women and dealers. Tupperware already employed Tupperware parties as a kind of promoting both products and get together itself. I believe Tupperware can improve their personalisation and public relations by elevating advertising and marketing campaigns that straight target the intended buyers. Tupperware goods even though of high quality are expensive. Tupperware could increase customer dedication by reducing prices and introducing marketing campaigns that make the products less expensive.

Tupperware also can help consumers by bringing out discounts, payment methods and free value added incentives. Tupperware can boost customer service and support simply by increasing the number of Tupperware women and dealers. Tupperware can also widen their range by creating different channels or mediums that can help increase awareness, brand imaging, boost profits and customer loyalty. Finally I do think Tupperware should certainly increase the volume of dedicated Tupperware ladies and traders.

This can be made by increasing the degree of training which will increase the standard of skill which the Tupperware women and dealers have got. This will increase the number of Tupperware parties obtainable which will enhance sales and profits. Client loyalty may also increase while direct customer support increases. 6. 0 References Pride, W. M., Ferrell, O. C., Lucas, B. A., Schrembri, S., & Niinnen, U. (2012). Promoting Principles: Asia Pacific Release. (1st male impotence. ). To the south Melbourne: Cengage Learning Quotes.

Pride, Watts. M., & Ferrell, O. C. (2013). Foundations of Marketing (5th male impotence. ). Builder, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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