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He is a nice man, but merely that, and it is doubtful that a woman just like Anna can be attracted to him if she met him or happened to run into him under various other circumstances. William of course , can be attracted to her wherever they will met, and that is ultimately an additional barrier in their relationship.

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The very fact that Williams worships Ould – is clear throughout the film, and this is another problem with the longevity of their relationship. His friend Max is right when he says, “Let’s face details. This was constantly a no-go situation. Anna’s a goddess and you know very well what happens to men who get involved with the gods” (Notting Hill). Indeed, Anna is to some extent of a contemporary goddess, in fact it is hard to determine why she would settle for a “mere persona. ” This dooms all their relationship for several reasons. First, William features her on the pedestal, and no one can live up to that pressure day after day, every single year. Eventually she will fall off the pedestal, and then she is probably not as attractive to him. As author Roiphe notes, “Those euphoric, grand feelings that provide romantic love are really self-delusions, self-hypnotic dreams that allow us to forge a relationship. Actual life, failure at the office, disappointments, exhaustion, bad aromas, band colds and hard times all hole the dream” (Roiphe). Since Anna is a well-known legend, William offers expectations about her could he complies with her. She is larger than lifestyle, and so, this individual has even more euphoric feelings about her. As they sleeping together, he’s overwhelmed. He says, “It still strikes me as, very well, surreal, that I’m allowed to see you naked” (Notting Hill). That may be very well and best for early romantic endeavors, but if this individual still worships her such as this after marriage, it could be extremely bad for wedding ceremony. She does not worship him, she is attracted to him, and so the interest is lopsided and uneven. If this individual does not meet her requirements, she may possibly leave, while he will become disillusioned and devastated. An absolute relationship ought to be equal, the girl with too much of a star being his equal, and even he acknowledges that.

In conclusion, this is certainly a romantic and touching film with a gladly ever after ending, in real life, the partnership seems condemned from the start. Ould – and Bill come from two entirely several lifestyles, they cannot really understand each other everything that well, and Anna is a huge star, and William worships her, love it or certainly not. Their romantic relationship is not a team, it can be something else, and it is doubtful that it will last past a few years. As author Roiphe notes, “Marriage takes some kind of sacrifice, not really dreadful self-sacrifice of the soul, but some level of compromise. Several of one’s fantasies, some of one’s legitimate needs have to be given up for the significance of the marriage itself” (Roiphe). Unfortunately, William is usually living a fantasy, and Anna may have had to sacrifice far too very much for this marital life to really last.


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