Assessment of tracks played out in robert nichols

Happiness, The Graduate


The song, “The Sound of Silence”, relates to the constant concept of the an absence of community. I can quickly relate to the song?nternet site often listen to of the have to conform to world. It is the job to go to college, get a job, and follow the common techniques of our globe, without being unique. However , as I prepare to attend college, I have to find what truly makes me cheerful and exactly where I want to will end up in life. The song starts at the beginning of the film once Ben can be returning residence from graduation college. Bill personifies the song when he is asking his put in place the world, and where he is going. Ben is consistently berated by his parents. They request, “Have you consider graduate school? ” and “It is around time you asked Elaine Robinson out on a date. ” However , Ben begins to query the expectations of society. He does not apply to graduate student school, and in turn begins going after the girl of his dreams. He detects much greater joy by following his heart, instead of chasing material wealth or conforming towards the world. Additionally , the music relates to the disappearance of community while his parents parade him around like an object, listing his accomplishments in school and producing him ”the main attraction” to their good friends. I have a very similar relationship with my parents. My personal mother will most likely brag about my knowledge at Brophy or overstate my successes to various other family members and friends. The song truly speaks to me as I look for happiness within my own life by being unique, instead of next “the rules” of our world.

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Paul Simon’s “Mrs. Robinson” shows a central theme inside the Graduate, as much characters mask their accurate emotions. This kind of mask the constant appearance in our globe today, since people desire to hide their very own sadness or depression, by appearing good and completely happy. In the movie, Mrs. Johnson finally gives in to Ben’s desire to talk. She tells him of her unsatisfied marriage with her spouse, forced into it because of a being pregnant, which lead to their daughter Elaine. In addition , she tells of her enthusiasm for fine art, which faded after her marriage with her husband. Although Ben does not realize her sadness, the audience witnesses her despair through her cosmetic expressions while she speaks of her your life. Another masking of emotions manifests alone during Ben’s and Elaine’s date. Having been warned by her mother, Ben skins his true character by taking Elaine to a strip membership. Ben works like a different person so that he will be finished with his date. However , Elaine may differ from a great many other characters as she displays he the case emotions and begins to weep. This triggers Ben to appreciate his oversight. He starts to open up to Elaine as they talk about all their fears on the globe. This signifies Ben burning off his mask, as he starts talking about how he truly feels, rather than hiding these kinds of deeper thoughts. The song serves as a lesson towards the world, even as we must understand that masquerading each of our emotions is only going to lead to better unhappiness. We must learn to communicate with others and create further, more significant relationship with others.

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