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Articles on the History of Christianity

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Christopher J. Haas’ article “Imperial Religious Policy and Valerian’s Persecution of the House of worship, A. G. 257 – 260” was published in the scholarly journal Church History in 1983, and the publisher focuses his attention within the persecution of Christians by the Roman Chief Valerian. Relating to Haas, one of the most compelling aspects of Valerian’s persecution of Christians was the sudden switch in his standard religious plan in the year 257 A. M. Haas asks in the content, “prior to this time the church was largely undisturbed, but the years 257 – 258 seen a series of increasingly severe real edicts described against Christianity. What motivated this abrupt reversal of imperial faith based policy in 257?, “1 and it is this kind of question which forms the inspiration of his subsequent academic inquiry. By simply reading this document, one learns that Valerian actually introduced his marketing campaign of persecution against Christian believers in absentia, as he have been taken attentive during a failed incursion up against the Persians in Antioch. Two letters delivered back to The italian capital by Valerian before his imprisonment and execution by Persians produced the basis in the outbreak of persecution which will now bears his name, since the Emperor commanded that most Christian local clergy perform sacrifices to the Roman gods, high-ranking church representatives be summarily executed, plus the Roman high level either apostatize or encounter death.

1 ) Christopher M. Haas “Imperial Religious Coverage and Valerian’s Persecution from the Church, ADVERTISING 257-260. inch Church Record 52 (1983): 134.

The content “Differentiated Responsibility and the Concern of Religious Diversity” was written by David T. Koyzis and published inside the Journal of Markets Morality in 2002, with the publisher focusing his research on the interesting dichotomy between Christian evangelism and religious persecution against Christian believers throughout background. In particular, Koyzis examines problem of so why modern Christians should stay tolerant of religious diversity because of their own convictions, and in accomplishing this the author points to the Pax Romana as one example of an age group in which faith based tolerance prospered to mankind’s collective profit. When Koyzis offers his prediction that “much because the early Irish monks with the sixth and seventh generations came from the periphery of Europe and successfully reevangelized a region still reeling from the failure of the Pax Romana, we may yet find Western Christianity reinvigorated from without, as Korean, China, African, Latina American, and Filipino Christians bear refreshing witness to us of God’s style, “2 the implication would be that the Pax Romana represents the proverbial maximum of the gospel’s spread across the globe. With the

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