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Clashes exist between the locals as well as the government. The local communities are the residents, particularly those surviving in Cheung Chau, and some environmental groups. The residents have their most concern in their standard of living, as incineration may deliver air pollution and water pollution, or even odor air pollution to the living environment, they can be worry about these pollutions may possibly affect their life. Severe air pollution would lead to numerous health problems including lung cancers, asthma or other breathing diseases, contaminants like dioxins are highly poisonous which offer great injury even beneath short direct exposure. And as a result jeopardize the health of persons.

Furthermore, water pollution postures threat for the aquatic lives, the amount of marine animals hanging about there may become smaller sized as they might die in polluted water. This not only trigger complications to fishermen as a result of decrease in sum of seafood, that they capture less fish and reduce their cash flow which they could lose their particular jobs, although also contentious to environment activists. Since water pollution would be specifically dangerous to get the decreasing in numbers species just like Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoises which is confronting the crisis of extinction. And gas emissions from incineration may cause air flow pollutions and worsen global warming, many environmental groups oppose building the incinerator. Dredging and reclamation will also damage one of best remaining areas for Hong Kong fisheries, interacting a severe blow to the livelihood of fishermen, plus the biodiversity.

On the other hand, the federal government focuses largely on the current landfill issue and planning to tackle it by using a great incinerator. Yau Teng-hua, past Secretary intended for the Environment, stated that Hong Kong required to build a modern day incinerator to handle the needs of convenience of city and county waste in Hong Kong. (Yau Teng-hua, 2012) The government views the incineration facility can easily meet the needs of landfills after vividness and can as well bring monetary benefits. The federal government believes that working with a great incinerator to tackle the waste problem could be finished with other recycling where possible work as very well as waste materials treatment operate order to decrease the amount of waste successfully. Based on the principle of sustainable advancement, the government was adamant on the have to build the three landfills and the incinerator.

Wong Kam-sing, the Secretary for the Environment said that, Whilst waste lowering is extremely important, having the capacity for municipal sound waste incineration is even so necessary. (Wong Kam-sing, 2014) The government believes an incinerator is a vital element to lower the waste materials amount disposed to landfills in the future, as it can reduce the spend volume by simply over 90% and it is one of many widely used technology for treating municipal solid waste just before disposal in landfills. (Environmental Protection Office, 2015) Therefore the Hong Kong government reveals its help in building a great incinerator. Therefore, value clashes arose involving the government as well as the local neighborhoods.

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