Applied Criminal Justice Ethics Essay


My own interviewee was Commander Hamry, of the Milton police office in Washington. When selecting Commander Hamry, I found this to be his impressions with the police force generally speaking: Why are integrity and personality so important in neuro-scientific law enforcement?

Because we symbolize everything we feel in, with local and state regulation, but the Cosmetic of the United States. We are part police, lawyer, clergyman, counselor, mother/father figure etcat any given moment. We have a nano-second to choose whether or not to shoot while everyone else has months/years to decide if that action was proper or not. Because of an elevated level of training and discipline, we could held to a higher standard.

This consists of: morals, integrity, actions/decisions which the public provides entrusted it’s care to us which go back to the difficulties when the tea was first chucked into the harbor. Do the interviewees feel that law enforcement are more honest today, or perhaps were they more moral ten years in the past? Due to instant access of public information and technology, the magnification of the microscope have been increased. Yet , that is something that evolves with public notion, the legal system, etc where something that was history and honest 100 years in the past would not be considered today.

People are basically great and the simple Judeo/Christian basic principle upon which our system is founded has remained, typically, unchanged. How come do cops become involved in misconduct? To over simplify the answer, because they are individual. They make errors like anybody else or experience temptations by which they cannot or choose to not handle. No different than the clerk who have pockets a dollar once no one searching for.

Do the interviewees feel that there exists enough schooling offered in integrity at the law enforcement officials academy level? If not really, why is that? Ethics are like persona building and/or common sense. It evolves with life experience and upbringing. How might you teach common sense or figure?

However , a powerful emphasis IS placed on integrity in the law enforcement officials academies, but the basic principle and perception in these kinds of values should be present to begin with. Those that don’t develop the style strong enough should be weeded away during the background phase with the hiring process. People can alter and build a stronger feeling of values (I believe) as to the good examples set simply by those they can be influenced by or choose to be influenced by simply.

Should integrity training be offered while an ongoing process for police officers? Yes, and I imagine it will stay an integral part of the basic academy system. Do the interviewees feel that education and/or trained in ethics would reduce incidents of law enforcement corruption? Yes and No.

The enhanced awareness may make them consider it more. But it is also a lifestyle and belief in the fundamental system that individuals work inside. This is zero different than becoming asked to be sent and implement laws that individuals do not either believe in, or perhaps question. We don’t make the laws, we all merely put in force those that the individuals have asked to be on the books and therefore should take action the same. Staying within police is like living in a fish bowl.

You are always underneath the scrutiny from the public perception on and off duty. You will be judged by how your kids act at school, to how you will look or what you do when you go to town.

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