who may be to blame for neils death essay


While there were various factors, which in turn led to Neil’s death Keating played a serious role. Having been Neil’s ideas and function model. It absolutely was predominantly Keating’s actions that led to Neil’s death. Keating held incredibly Romantic beliefs which clashed with the educational institutions teachings and place the Lifeless Poet society members up against the school and authority numbers like Neil’s father.

Keating led Neil to believe he could have the support of his father and mother and a great acting job.

Throughout the video Keating promotes the young boys to ‘seize the day’, and ‘suck the marrow out of life. This individual endorses Neil’s desire to take action, despite the fact that it absolutely was completely against Neil’s fathers’ rules as well as the schools aims, which, like a former pupil and educator he must possess known. Gonna Welton, sometime later it was teaching right now there Keating would surely have already been familiar with the pressures professors and parents put on students to accomplish well, head to university, and succeed in lifestyle; early in the movie, after Neil is definitely told to drop the school newspaper by his father his friends state “why won’t he enable you to do what you want?  and “tell him off Neil, to which Neil retorts “Oh, that’s wealthy.

As you guys inform your parents away, Mr. Future Lawyer and Mr. Long term Banker.  From these lines it is obvious that the pressure experienced by Neil was wide spread in Welton and it had been Keating’s idealistic views that led him to believe, and in turn, Neil to think that merely telling his father his views on the situation would instantly make almost everything alright. Keating should have realized that encouraging Neil would lead to a discord with the university, or his parents.

Simply by ‘inspiring and preaching freethinking to his students Mister. Keating was asking for difficulty. Keating’s theories led to turmoil in all the DPS members lives, as it may have been challenging, if not really impossible for individuals, and even instructors like Keating to hold intimate and existential views with no attracting attention and clashing with specialist. These clashes are shown regularly throughout the film; Charlie’s phone call coming from god triggered a collide between the principle and himself, another instructor observing Keatings students ripping out web pages from text books resulted in tensions between your staff, and, most importantly Neil’s clashes together with his father. Though Neil experienced had arguments with his daddy before Keatings’ arrival he did not trick or sit to his father till Keating motivated himto go after a “fanciful acting career, and, therefor a independent life. Asking yourself and/or undermining authority will always lead to a clash between the two factors and if Keating wanted to teach his learners, like Neil ‘Carpe dium’ and ‘never let every day pass you by’ it was his duty to also educate them to stand carefully.

Besides Keating there were other contributors to Neil’s death. Neil’s overbearing dad was absolutely a factor, as he had Neil’s whole life planned out for him and this individual didn’t keep any room for compromise or the fact that Neil may well not want to be your doctor. After the enjoy when the dad brought Neil home he tightened the leash much more:

 Wish trying very hard to understand why it really is that you refer to defying all of us.

Whatever the reason, jooxie is not gonna let you wreck your life.

The next day I’m withdrawing you coming from Welton and enrolling you in Braden Military University.

You’re going to Harvard and you’re gonna be a physician. 

Neil now felt even more trapped and understood he would by no means be able to carry out what this individual wanted together with his life, having been going to be separated by his friends and will ‘waste’ the next ten years in military institution. He found the only way away as committing suicide. Peer pressure also played out a role in Neil’s loss of life, as if this weren’t pertaining to his good friends he would not need been section of the Dead Poets Society and although he’d still have recently been under Keating’s influence he would not have got as much support from his friends to defy his father and pursue acting.

Keating was a Romantic. Free thinking and individuality was what this individual drilled in to his students, but he wasn’t careful, he would not teach his students extreme caution and this generated many undesired results, just like Neil about to die and Charlie getting removed. In another period, in another university his theories may havefitted in, but Welton has not been the place to get a teacher just like Keating, having been too against the grain. As with almost everything in life there is never a single person to blame and in DPS nothing is different, Neil’s parents and close friends also unconsciously helped drive Neil to his early death.


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