An evaluation of the treasure by david steinbeck

One of the main designs of the story, The Pearl, that has been written by David Steinbeck, is the destructive pressure of greed. The author provided this concept in lots of ways in the account such as the employ parallelism with the imagery to the characters in the novel, the setting in the story that justifies the characters’ activities, and the unexpected transformation of the characters.

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Basically, the storyplot takes place in depressed Mexican-Indian community in La Paz where the novel’s two key characters, Kino, a poor gem diver, great wife, Juana, live in.

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While the story revolves mainly throughout the life with the couple, particularly, Keno, the writer used those to symbolize the impoverished express of the community in which they live in. The story begins with Coyotito getting stung by a poisonous scorpion. When Kino and Juana were unable to treat their child, who was shown to be in extreme pain, they will took him to a doctor.

Nevertheless , the doctor, upon learning the fact that couple did not have any cash, turns all of them away and pretended being unavailable right now.

Through this part of the account, Steinbeck already showed just how greed enjoyed an important part in adversely affecting the lives of Kino and Juana through momentarily shifting the focus of characterization. Your doctor, who is sure by a great oath that compels him to help dozens of who happen to be sick, regardless of their economical status, rejected to treat the couple’s boy because he was greedy and did not wish to treat all of them unless he gets paid out with cash. The doctor as well symbolized the obstacles and oppression that Kino faces in their impoverished community, that has been, in a way, used to justify his greedy actions later on inside the novel.

Moreover, the use of natural imagery inside the first phase of the novel generally mirrored Kino’s character. In the beginning chapter 1, Kino deeply observes beauty of the garden of his home, which shows the chasteness he only had at the outset of the book.

Following the couple was turned down by the doctor, Kino became desperate but thankfully found a very large and rare treasure in one of his delves. The author used this portion of the story being a turning point in Kino’s individuality. This section of the story as well depicted the greed of some other minor character types of the novel such as the clergyman of La Paz, who also agreed to help Kino just after this individual discovered that he previously the treasure, and the doctor, who transformed his head and helped Kino simply after this individual found out that the fisherman is at possession of a rare pearl.

Moreover, although Kino’s intentions had been primarily to obtain a cure for his son selling off the gem, he was blinded by his greed while shown in the desire to sell the pearl only to the best bidder. Days and nights after he found the pearl, his entire friends and family experienced a lot of misfortunes. Several males attempted to rob the pearl from him and although they had been unsuccessful, this led to Kino committing acts he normally did not carry out such as physical violence and killing. In addition , Kino’s attitude toward his relatives suddenly transformed which was illustrated when he beat up his partner Juana after she insisted that they eliminate the pearl for fear of the misfortune it will bring them later on.

Even after their house was burned straight down, Kino continue to insisted on keeping the pearl and escaped to a near by the hill with his family members since they presumed he will end up being hunted by authorities after he murdered one of the guys of attempted to steal his prized control. They then notice that they were staying pursued by three men and once Kino tried to surprise all of them, they get rid of his kid, Coyotito. He responded simply by killing every one of them and the following day the story finished with Kino returning to La Paz where he throws the pearl towards the sea for good.

The events at the mountain had been another form of nature images used by the author. This time, Steinbeck used the mountain to reflect life’s darker area which is characterized struggles and hardships. In cases like this, however , it absolutely was still Kino’s greed that led to these types of events. General, Steinbeck evidently expresses that man’s desire to have excessive real estate and souple would eventually lead to damage as portrayed by Kino who dropped his kid, his residence, and his purity in his money grubbing desire to offer the treasure and get wealth.


Steinbeck, M. (2002). The Pearl (Centennial Edition).New York: Penguin


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