Aristotle nicomachean ethics and virtue values

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Contrary to either deontological or functional ethics, virtue ethics concentrates on character. Because virtue ethics are not consequentialist, overall virtue ethical frames are more comparable to deontological examination of moral proper and wrong. Ones motives are as critical as ones actions; the consequences of ones activities are important although not as much as remaining honest, caring, and willing to master. At the same time, Aristotle and other advocates of advantage ethics believed that it is most crucial to be a good person, and live an excellent life, than it is to ascribe to some exterior moral code.


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Two benefits that are essential to living a flourishing or successful existence, in Aristotles sense, consist of magnanimity and temperance (Traditional Theories of Ethics, d. d. ). Magnanimity is better understood since understated confidence, evident in behaviors like good sportsmanship whether one wins or loses. Temperance is small amounts in all regions of life: never going to any intense.

In fact , Sandel (2004) tackles both of these virtues in The Case Against Perfection. Sandel (2004) talks about all the enhancements, from drugs and surgery to genetic modification, that are offered to achieve appealing goals just like improved overall performance on educational of athletic tests (p. 1). While it is understandable that these types of enhancements reflect the entire competitiveness with the society as well as the striving for efficiency in all regions of life, over-reliance on innovations is not virtuous for just one main reason: this represents an anxious overabundance mastery and dominion that misses the sense of life like a gift, (Sandel, 2004, s. 1). Sandel 92004) will not come out against any and all advancements, though, just because a virtuous person is person who is temperateor moderate inside the use of innovations. Thus, a person might use improvements selectively although only to improve ones overall sense of wellbeing as well as to accommodate for a problem just like depression or perhaps anxiety or possibly a physical incapacity. A incapable person who uses prosthetics after which becomes a paralympic athlete uses enhancements, yet is still a desired person.

Yet , another honest virtue is magnanimity. To get magnanimous means different things in different situations, nevertheless is most quickly understood nearly as good sportsmanship. A great athlete who would like to truly end up being great, a task model and example for the next generation who inspires other folks, is a desired athlete. Innovations are satisfactory only when they enhance unification, as Sandel (2004) mention

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