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The perspective by which Julian Schnabel chose to film The Snorkeling Bell as well as the Butterfly is fairly interesting and truly powerful. I think filming the movie through the victim’s perspective allowed the audience to easily sympathize and empathize with Bauby’s situation. Through this technique, Julian Schnabel been successful in telling Bauby’s tale in a coming in contact with and life changing way. Bauby did not get a film figure that will soon be neglected, his history was offered in a way that will never leave the group to think Bauby less than a accurate human being who have existed and felt thoughts not less than the actual felt because they viewed the film.

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Schnabel wanted to tell the life story of any man”Bauby. He wanted the audience not only to watch the film, but to encounter it. It is not by viewing that we empathize. In order to think empathy, we have to feel and knowledge. By sense and experiencing Bauby’s activities, Bauby sensed more true. When the figure start to truly feel more true is if the story starts to touch the hearts of the audience. That is certainly what Schnabel wanted: he wanted to touch the hearts of the audience through the your life story of Bauby. Once our hearts are touched, the film is not only remembered by each of our minds, although also, and more so , by our hearts. Julian Schnabel wanted The Diving Bell and the Butterflies to be stored in the memory space of our minds.

I had been truly handled by the life story of Bauby. It had been the life account not only of Bauby but of all those people who loved him and stayed with him during his challenging days, it had been a story packed with love, valor, faith, and hope. All their story made me appreciate more how important life is”it becomes a lot more precious whenever we begin to realize and prefer the amount of people who constantly surrounds us with their love and support. Additionally, it made me recognize how much every second counts. We just have a limited some we do not understand the limit. We can only make an effort to live the easiest way we can to ensure that when it is moment for us to leave this world, we can have zero regrets. Whilst we have time, we must like as much as we could. We should present to the people we all love just how much we do love them, their time is restricted too. All of us cannot control our situations but we could control the way you react to all of them. Bauby was going through a whole lot and for a while he thought that all it was better for him to pass away. But then he realized he was lucky to become alive. He must continue living if only for all those people who try their best to help him live a happy lifestyle. His story and his decision to live very well until the end inspired me. I will live and love my life as well as the people around me. I will live one day at a time and hope that somehow sooner or later my life can easily touch other people’s hearts as well just like Bauby’s life handled mine.

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